Monomoy Cross-Country Runs To Victory Against Cape Cod Academy

By: Kat Szmit

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Steven Young (third from left) sets out on his last home meet run with the Monomoy boys cross-country team on Oct. 15. Young placed second overall with a time of 18:06. Kat Szmit Photo

HARWICH – The Monomoy cross-country teams went out on top in their final home meet of the 2019 season, which proved a bittersweet event for the team’s seniors, Margo Dery and Steven Young, both of whom have been with the team since they were in eighth grade.

For both it was a day of passing the torch as each came in second to up and coming runners on both the boys and girls teams. In Young’s case, he finished second behind Ryder Robbins, with Robbins crossing the finish line first overall with a time of 17:48. Dery, meanwhile, came in just behind sister Courteney, who had a personal best time of 22:23 to take first place for the girls.

As Young prepared to head home after the meet, the realization that it was his final home meet ever began to sink in.

“It’s meant so much,” he said. “It’s crazy to think that I’m never going to run this course again for an actual meet. There’s never going to be that feeling of competition, those nerves of getting on those blocks and running down that first hill. It’s never going to be that feeling of seeing the crowd as you run back up.”

Young said that Robbins was “amazing. Better than I am, I think.”

He also gave nods to eighth grader Gareth Vos, who finished in 20:45, and Quinn Schuyler, who finished with a time of 20:08.

“I’m definitely going to come back and watch the underclassmen run,” Young said. “I’ve spent too much time on this sport to not see the people I’ve run with grow up and keep going.”

Young said that while running is awesome, what has made it special through the years is the entire Monomoy team.

“It’s the team that keeps me going,” he said. “It’s laughing with them; it’s running with them. It’s knowing that no matter how hard I run, they’re going to be running just as hard, and it’s knowing they’re going to be there at the end, cheering you on.”

Young said what makes the cross-country team unique as opposed to track, which he not-so-secretly prefers, is their bond.

“We’re all doing the same workout,” he said. “We’re all doing the same thing.”

“And the support from top to bottom,” added head coach Don Bates. “We’re the only team that bothers to go back on the course until everybody’s finished. You don’t see that anywhere else. Sportsmanship is key.”

Bates noted that if the boys win their upcoming meet against Nantucket, they’ll end up with a winning record for the year. The girls, he said, lost two close meets, but still had a stellar season. He lamented the eventual graduation of Dery and Young.

“I wish they’d stay back,” he said.

Highlights from the meet included personal best times for George Spalt, Jack Yuskaitis, Jack Fasano, and Tre Cohrs from the boys team, and Courteney Dery, Alyson Morris, and Brynn Dobbs on the girls team.

“All I can say is that I’m going to miss it,” Young said.

The following is a list of finishers and times: Boys: Ryder Robbins, 17:48; Steven Young, 18:06; George Spalt, PB 19:59; Aidan Melton, 20:01; Quinn Schuyler, 20:08; Gareth Vos, 20:45; Jean-Claude Marjollet, 20:48; Daniel Street, 21:09; Jack Yuskaitis, PB 21:11; Jason Zaloom, 22:47; Ryan Borthwick, 22:41; Nick Needham, 23:41; James Machnik, 23:43; Harry Yuskaitis, 25:03; Jack Fasano, PB 26:28; Tre Cohrs, PB 29:51.

Girls: Courteney Dery, PB 22:23; Margo Dery, 22:52; Emily Blake, 25:50; Alyson Morris, PB 26:18; Brynn Dobbs, PB 26:21.

Up next for Monomoy is a trip to Nantucket to face the Whalers on Oct. 22 before the Sharks prep for a Cape and Islands League meet at D-Y on Oct. 27. For photos of the Oct. 15 meet visit @chronikat on Instagram.