East Harwich Sewer Construction Starting On Monday

By: William F. Galvin

Topics: Wastewater treatment

Wastewater planning

HARWICH — Construction of the new sewer collection system in East Harwich is scheduled to start on Monday and will create some inconveniences for residents on roads where work will be taking place.

Health Department Director Meggan Eldredge said the Robert B. Our Company, the project contractor, has indicated work will begin on Monday along the west side of Cemetery Road running from Queen Anne Road to Route 137, and then they will move to Compass Drive.

According to the notice provided by the town to impacted residents, homeowners may experience some temporary inconveniences such as traffic delays, detours, noise, dust, potential temporary utility disruption and temporary obstruction of access while the construction crew install the new sewers.

“Residents' drive time will be disrupted,” Eldredge said.

In the first wave of construction residents can anticipate one to three weeks work on each road depending how deep the cuts need to be in the road and the relocation of machines. The machines take up the entire width of the road so there will be road closures, she said.

Residents will need to park vehicles outside the construction zone during operating hours in the day, but the roads will be open at night. Eldredge added the fire department has been working closely with the contractor to make sure they can get to every house no matter if the road has been closed for construction purposes. In an emergency construction crew will be able to put plates over the road to allow emergency vehicle passage.

“The work is a multi-step process,” Eldredge said, with a construction crew digging the main line and a second crew following up and putting in the main lines and the sewer stub location lines to the edge of properties. The final phase is paving.

Eldredge said residents in the first phase of the construction project should have received a sewer stub location form asking the property owner to utilize the diagram displaying the house to mark where on their property they want the lateral sewer stub line to be located. She urged residents to return that form to the health department within 14 days of receiving it.

Eldredge and Water Department Superintendent Dan Pelletier are available to help out if residents have questions. She said if a property owner has hired an engineer to assist with sewering on private property, the engineer could also complete the form. Eldredge also said the town’s resident engineer for the project, John DeSimone of CDM Smith, Inc. (508-579-1009), is available to provide assistance. Any questions relating to the sewering project can also be directed to Charlie Sumner via a link at www.harwich-ma.gov or by calling 508-430-7514 ext. 3313.

If forms are not returned to the town in a timely manner, Eldredge said the town will put the sewer service lateral connection at the location along the property frontage deemed most appropriate based on the information available for that property. Once the connection is in place it will be up to the property owner and their engineer to work out the connection from the individual homes to the town system.

Eldredge said the schedule put together by the contractor identifies the west side of Cemetery Road, Compass Drive, Ellis Drive, Herndon Road, 1080 and 1086 Queen Anne Rd. and White Pine Circle as locations where construction will initially take place. She said the scheduled could jump around based issues arising such as the need to relocate a utility pole.

The Our Company's initial work is expected to be concluded by Oct. 1. However, the entire contract, the first of at least two proposed contracts for East Harwich, is expected to take two years. Eldredge said the sewer will not be available for use until the whole first phase system is done.

“In two years the homeowners will get an order from the board of health to connect,” Eldredge said.