The Chatham Harbor Run: 40 Years And Still Running Strong

By: Kat Szmit

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Runners set out on in the 40th Chatham Harbor Run on June 30. First place finishers were Ian Nurse and Rebecca Trachsel. Kat Szmit Photo

CHATHAM – The Chatham Harbor Run is one of the most scenic on Cape Cod, and on June 30 the annual 10K celebrated a major milestone—40 years of strong running, and more to come.

“I thought we had a great turnout,” said Howard Tansey, who took over as race coordinator from longtime supporter and runner Larry Belliveau. “We had almost 200 people (returning) from last year, which was really incredible.”

The 10K run and 5K walk kicked off at 11 a.m. from the intersection of Crowell and Stepping Stones roads with several hundred intrepid runners setting out on the course, which takes competitors down Stage Harbor Road to Cross Street and Champlain Road, across the Mitchell River Bridge, down Shore Road, and eventually back to Monomoy Regional Middle School.

The 2019 overall winner was Ian Nurse, marking the fifth victory for the Brookline resident, while the overall women's winner was Rebecca Trachsel of Winchester. The overall 5K walk winner was Drew Gray, with Emily Craig as the first women's 5K finisher.

“I think that as long as we keep it a 10K only for the runners and have the walkers at a 5K, it's a good draw,” said Tansey. “It's a beautiful course and people really enjoy it even though it does get kind of warm.”

This year's race saw sunny skies with temps in the low to mid 70s, warm, but not blistering as past races have been. Tansey said the hope is to keep numbers up, possibly by following in the footsteps of the Falmouth Road Race and offering commemorative medals every five years.

“We don't want to do it every year, but every five is special,” he said. “It gives you that little extra incentive to run.”

Like its predecessors, the 2019 event raised money to benefit the Monomoy Scholarship Fund, something Tansey said won't change going forward. The Cape Cod Athletic Club's support will also continue, though Tansey said coordinators are weighing an option to allow runners to register for both the Harbor Run and the Chatham in the Fall 10K for a special cost.

The following is a list of top finishers in the 10K run and 5K walk by age group. (See more photos by following @chronikat on Instagram.)


10K Finishers:

Men's 80-98: Paul Schell (75:23), Larry Cole (84:20); Men's 70-79: Duke Hutchinson (56:27), Ted Gallagher (57:40), Kenneth Hermann (60:13); Men's 60-69: Tom Cugno (47:22), Tommy Tuttle (49:02), William Grant (51:33); Men's 50-59: Kevin Vallez (38:28), Tim Francis (41:58), Mike Roos (42:25); Men's 40-49: Joseph Anderson (41:17), Morgan Poor (41:53), Greg Coughlan (42:47); Men's 30-39: Tyler Bnurmeister (35:16), Stefan Ogle (39:55), Peter Byland (43:33); Men's 20-29: John Piantedosi (40:11), Jacob Salant (40:18), Gian Harahan (41:11); Men's 13-19: Teddy Radtke (35:31), Billy Coakley (38:56), AJ Gorman (39:47); Men's 1-12: William Thomas (71:18).


Women's 70-79: Antonia Asa-Thomas (69:02); Women's 60-69: Janet Kelly (60:58), Susan Davis (62:17), Barbara Ryan (73:40); Women's 50-59: Colleen Phe Phelps (47:40), Michele Grieves (50:38), Kayleen Rosato (50:41); Women's 40-49: Kristin Carbone (45:48), Julie Luistro (50:15), Kristin Donahue (51:21); Women's 30-39: Stephanie Schock (46:50), Sarah Piantedosi (47:20), Leah Cappellucci (47:48); Women's 20-29: Jennie Prial (43:51), Amanda Cusimano (43:52), Emily Teavers (44:26); Women's 13-19: Maggie Donahue (42:59), Izzy Maggioni (46:31), Nicole Johnson (47:31).


5K Finishers:

Men's 80-98: Bill Horrocks (45:54), Jim Dowling (60:54), Leonard Spalding (64:16); Men's 70-79: Bill Dalrymple (41:21), Robert Smith (41:44), Bill Bystrom (42:32); Men's 60-69: Timothy Brooks (40:16), Timothy O'Leary (58:23), Ernest Stricsek (58:55); Men's 50-59: Steve Thomas (37:58), Robert Wagman (41:11), Bob Peatman (55:13); Men's 40-49: Erin Stottlemeyer (48:28), Todd Nixon (49:08), Brian Duggan (51:15); Men's 30-39: Jeremy Stricsek (59:01); Men's 20-29: Jack Pola (43:57), Drew Aherne (62:50), Chris Tinsley (64:11); Men's 13-19: William Wasley (49:27), Ben Wasley (55:42), Mitch Tomrit (64:11).


Women's 80-98: Barbara Sherin (58:08); Women's 70-79: Deb Tenney (41:50), Debby Patrick (44:47), Elizabeth Van Wye (58:50); Women's 60-69: Joanne Creel (50:27), Kathie Henry (52:09), Margaret Wood (56:49); Women's 50-59: Martha Crawford (37:57), Damian Wagman (41:10), Laura Wilson (41:21); Women's 40-49: Rhonda Nixon (49:06), Sarah Visal (51:20), Michelle Pouliat (51:20); Women's 30-39: Tesaira Kwiatkowski (51:42), Amber Willard (57:28), Gabriela Vargas (58:56); Women's 20-29: Brenna Healey (56:34), Taylor O'Leary (58:23), Corinne Aherne (62:50); Women's 13-19: Katie Murray (42:44), Lizzy Englund (42:44), Lizzy Deisey (44:47).