Letters to the Editor, June 27, 2019

Letters to the editor.

Brooks Library Offers Thanks


The staff and Trustees of Brooks Free Library are having an open house  on Saturday, June 29 from 2 to 4 p.m. to celebrate the completion of our restoration and preservation project, and would like to invite the people of Harwich as well as the community preservation committee to join us in this celebration as a thank you for all your support with this project.  Light refreshments will be served.

Staff and Trustees
Brooks Free Library


Gratitude For CAC Patrons And Supporters


As we celebrate our 50th anniversary, the board of directors and I would like to acknowledge and thank the many local businesses, restaurants, artists and sponsors who generously gave items, gift certificates and experiences for our auction. On Wednesday evening, June 19, Chatham Bars Inn hosted the Creative Arts Center Summer Gala Fundraiser. Our guests enjoyed the lovely venue, delicious hors d’oeuvres and their helpful staff. We are grateful and thank our wonderful patrons and supporters who attended and who understand the importance of art in our community and in our individual lives.

We have and continue to enjoy a friendly, cooperative, community relationship with Chatham Bars Inn. A special thanks to Gary Thulander, managing director, who has listened to our needs and answered in the most generous of ways. CBI’s support allows us to remain relevant, bring our services to a larger community and fulfill our mission. Chatham Bars Inn is always willing to assist, is one of our major sponsors and understands the needs of our nonprofit. We are proud and most grateful for their partnership and commitment to the Creative Arts Center.

Angela Zoni Mault
Executive Director
Creative Arts Center


Consider Moving Ball Field


I’d like to see some further consideration given to the town-owned land surrounding the community center for a senior center, more specifically the kid’s ball field. In no way am I suggesting the town not provide an attractive ball field for our youngsters, and whatever else promotes physical and team activity, but it doesn’t have to be there, a seemingly attractive location for a senior center. If the thought process included trying to find a good place to move the ball field the search for a senior center location might be over.

Bob Ebersold


Wondering About Slip Change


Recently Cape Sail, a sailing charter business running out of Saquatucket Harbor for many years, changed hands. The former owner was ready to retire. For some unknown bureaucratic decision, the young man, Sam Fuller of Chatham, was not allowed to take over the slip at Saquatucket. Born and raised in Chatham, Sam is just trying to run a business which would, if successful might allow him to eke a living here on the Cape. I’m just baffled my this and wondering why. It’s a shame. It should be a win for everybody, but instead the town has turned its back on this enterprise. Shame on them.

Leonard Hayden
West Harwich

Harbormaster John Rendon responded that under the town's harbor management regulations, municipal marina slip permits/rentals cannot be passed through partnership or willed to the next generation. The previous owner of Cape Sail had a charter slip permit. Once he decided to retire and give up his charter slip, our regulations require us to go to the charter slip waitlist and offer the vacated slip starting with the first person on the list. The person in the number one position has been on the waitlist since 2011. Fuller is on the waitlist, but there are several people in front of him.