Monomoy Softball Routs Rising Tide, Stops Sturgis West With Solid Wins

By: Kat Szmit

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Monomoy's Mackenzie Cardillo (13) swings into a big hit for the Sharks in their April 4 game against Rising Tide. Kat Szmit Photo

HARWICH – If the opening games of the Monomoy girls varsity softball team are any indication, it's going to be a tough season—for their opponents. After trouncing Sturgis West in the Sharks home opener 33-0, Monomoy went on to defeat Rising Tide 17-0 in their second home game of the season.

Starting pitcher Mollie Charest had eight strikeouts in three innings against Rising Tide, opening the game by retiring the visiting team's first three batters in quick succession. That's when the Sharks went to work, with leadoff batter Caroline DiGiovanni kicking things off with a nice triple to set the tone offensively.

Next in the lineup was Maddie Crossen who stepped in with a hit of her own, with Sam Barr the next to reach base with a hit before Charest landed on first with a walk to load the bases. From there, the hits—and the runs—kept coming, with the Sharks blasting through their entire lineup and starting over again before the Rising Tide defense was able to rein them in and bring the first inning to an end.

With Monomoy holding a comfortable lead by the middle innings, Charest stepped out and let up-and-coming pitcher Erica Slade take the mound, with Slade offering a strong performance.

Meanwhile, the Shark offense continued its domination, with DiGiovanni going 2-for-2 with a triple and one RBI, while Crossen went 3-for-4 with a triple and an RBI, and Mackenzie Cardillo went 1-for-1 with a triple and three RBIs.

Since the Sharks held a solid lead well before the seventh inning, the mercy rule was instituted, ending the game early. Head coach Stacy Yarnall was pleased with her team's efforts in the outing.

“I think overall it was a good team effort,” Yarnall said. “We got everybody in. Everybody had a different role today.”

Yarnall was especially happy with her team's hitting in the win.

“I think we stayed on the ball, hit the ball well, and did some great base running,” she said.

She also gave a nod to Slade for her pitching.

“We put an eighth-grader out on the mound for a couple innings and she did an awesome job,” Yarnall said. “Very happy with the way we played overall. I think it was a team effort. Everyone was aggressive at the plate and got base hits when we needed them to.”

The Sharks opened their season April 2 on the road against Sturgis West with a 33-0 win that saw DiGiovanni swing into a home run. The formidable freshman also scored five runs for Monomoy, with four RBIs.

DiGiovanni led off the game with a walk as Monomoy took an early lead in the outing before parlaying a left-field bomb into an inside-the-park homer in the second. Her teammates followed suit in what became a six-run inning that saw teammate Courtney Kelly smash a two-run double, with Mackenzie Cardillo adding a two-run triple to boost Monomoy's lead to 8-0.

Although the Sharks scored another 11 runs in the third, six in the fourth, and eight in the fifth, the Navigators opted to keep on playing. Even with the majority of starters relegated to the bench where they cheered on their teammates, the Sharks still had the upper hand, with Charest scoring her own inside-the-park home run in the fourth.

In the end, Charest went 3-for-4 with four runs and four RBIs, while giving up just one hit in the game with 14 strikeouts. Audrey Smith went 3-for-3. Next up the Sharks travel to Hyannis to face St. John Paul II in Cape and Islands League action today (April 11) with a 4:30 start.