Alicia Mathewson Hopes Harwich Concert Will Be A Community Experience

By: Kat Szmit

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Cape Cod's own Alicia Mathewson will hold a special concert at the Harwich Cultural Center in June, and is in the midst of a Kickstarter campaign that will allow her to start a new recording company. Contributed Photo

Kickstarter Campaign Will Help Create New Recording Company


HARWICH – Cape songstress Alicia Mathewson has been on a journey and is looking forward to sharing it with the world, with a special nod to her beloved Cape Cod community, which she invites to support her Kickstarter campaign and attend a special concert in June.

For some time, Mathewson has been diligently composing songs for her upcoming album. Titled “12 Rebirth” Mathewson said the songs, while inspired by the loss of her mother Ellen in 2007, have a greater purpose.

“For me it's about one of the things my mom used to say, which was 'Rejoice regardless,'” Mathewson said. “How do you stay in love and joy and celebration even in the face of things we deal with as humans, whether it's death, depression, divorce, loss of a job, or looking at the world and wondering what's happening? These songs for me are an offering to myself first, and then everybody, to say rejoice regardless. Just to be in the human body is a victory. Just to be alive is enough.”

Mathewson is also hosting a Kickstarter campaign not only to raise funds in support of the new album, but also to create her own recording studio, Queen City Records. The name, she said, was inspired by meeting spiritual author Vivienne Gerard of Cincinnati, Ohio, and finding out that Cincinnati is known as “Queen City.”

That was part of the inspiration for the new business, with Mathewson also drawing upon her own spirituality regarding the “records” aspect.

“It's more of a consciousness and a platform than a brand,” she said, adding that she derived further inspiration from the Akashic Records. “I think of being a record keeper, telling the stories of our time. Queen City is about me looking for the record keepers and amplifying the messages that I want more of. It's about taking responsibility and becoming an amplifier for love, peace, truth, right conduct, and non-violence.”

While the new company will allow Mathewson to more deeply explore her own musical horizons, she will also be looking for other musicians to work with.

“Queen City Records...will help support me in my music, but I'll also be looking for 11 other artists who align with the mission of Queen City Records, which is to awaken love, peace, truth, right conduct, and non-violence in themselves and in others.”

Mathewson hopes to infuse her June 1 concert at the Harwich Cultural Center with each of those elements, while also making it a welcoming, uplifting experience for her audience.

“What I hope is that it will have an intimate feel but also kind of feel like a rock concert,” Mathewson said. “It will feel exciting. It's Cape Cod. I would love every person that's ever heard me sing to come to that show so I can honor them all. I want everybody in that room to have some connection to me or to the songs.”

Mathewson will perform songs from 12 Rebirth, and noted that she invited a number of Cape people to work on the album, including Chatham's Catie Flynn. Her goal with the show, and ultimately with her record label, is to fill the world with positive energy through soulful music that reminds people of their own uniqueness.

“I think we live in a time where we've been so conditioned, me included, to think we need things outside of ourselves to be happy, to be OK,” Mathewson said. “For me, this album and this whole process is about saying that I am unlimited. I have everything I need, and so do you.”

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