Letters to the Editor, Feb. 14

Letter to the Editor

Coast Guard Grateful For Support


We would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to every person and business that helped the crew of U.S. Coast Guard Station Chatham. We were all completely overwhelmed by the kindness, compassion, and generosity that was extended to the active duty members and their families. We may be U. S. Coast Guard Station Chatham, but the enormous amount of support we received came from not only the local area of Chatham but also the surrounding communities and from well outside Cape Cod and even the Massachusetts border.

We can't count the number of people we spoke with both on the phone and in person who just wanted to help ensure members and their families were assisted. This assistance offered to the crew varied widely, but the reason the community wanted to help never changed. People all wanted to make sure the men and women of U.S. Coast Guard Station Chatham were taken care of. We can assure you because of all your support and the programs that were set up that our Coast Guard members and families were provided for. In fact, we have never seen the amount of support, care and generosity that we witnessed over the past few weeks! Every single contribution helped take care of the crew's needs. From a phone call or a letter letting us know we are in people's thoughts to the very generous donations that were made to the crew, we all are grateful.

Please know that the men and women of U.S. Coast Guard Station Chatham never lost sight of their duties during the challenging times of the past few weeks. They all came to work every day with a smile on their face, ready to do what the American public expects them to do. We can proudly say that the crew's morale never wavered. For this loyalty and support, we thank the crew and every single person and business that helped us in so many ways. The fact that the crew was able to see and feel the amount of support and generosity extended to them and their families was the foundation on which their positive attitude was built and sustained.

We are now and will forever be humbled by each and every one of you who offered kind words or varying types of support. While we are not all Cape Cod natives, we have never been prouder to be a part of this community. Thank you again for all your support! 

The members of U.S. Coast Guard Station Chatham


Put The Brakes On Town Spending 


To the town of Harwich Selectmen and Town Administrator Christoper Clark,

I was somewhat dismayed when I read the article in The Chronicle that there is continued discussion about the town building and running a pet cemetery. Most of us thought this idea was killed in the last town meeting. What disturbs me the most is that our town leaders are even open to this idea of continuing to expand the function of town government and seem to have contempt for the average taxpayer in Harwich. With all of the fiscal pressures that Harwich is facing, do we really need a pet cemetery? Isn’t this a function of the private sector?

I would suggest that we spend more time on reforming town government and controlling the costs that are burdening the taxpayers. Why aren’t taxes part of the discussion when we talk about Harwich being affordable to young families? Additionally, I would suggest a hiring freeze to help control spending today and into the future. There are fewer citizens in the town today than there were in 2000, but the size, cost, and function of our town government is ever expanding. Enough is enough. 

Gary Conroy



Let’s Leave The Dogs Out


Woof! If only I could speak English, then I’d happily come up to any and all those post-Labor-Day Red River Beach strollers and say “my name is Truffles and if you’d pet me I’d give you a big doggy smile.” If I could read, then I would have read in the Feb. 7 Chronicle that some folks were in favor of extending the summer-season Red River Beach dog-walking ban through to Columbus Day. I wondered who those folks were since after Labor Day it seems that everyone I meet, adults and kids alike, is happy to greet me. So, I wonder if those folks who wish to extend the ban date out to Columbus Day realize how much joy I’ll be missing and also how much joy they’ll be missing by not embracing my joyful greeting. I’ve heard that some folks are unhappy that in the short time between Labor day and Columbus Day someone might actually see me pooping, but I can assure them of my master’s diligence in cleaning up my poop and placing it in the trash cans that are usually present. I’ve never seen local dog owners fail to pick up their doggy’s poop and properly dispose of it. All I would think about if I could read the article of Feb. 7 is that those who are in favor of the ban extension must be those “dreaded cat people.” You know the kind that thinks their cat’s poop doesn’t stink! I hope I’m wrong because my best buddy at home is a Maine coon cat named Tinker. I’m sure that I could help to change the minds of those who support the ban extension, and particularly I’d be most happy to give Leo and Deborah Heffernan a nice juicy wet doggy kiss if they’d change their view. I’m worried that they amongst others will want to ban me whenever there is a holiday when in fact there might be a strolling person who might get prematurely pooped-out.

Larry Jobson.



Did Slim Take The Bus?


Given the fact that now-presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren identified herself as "American Indian" on her Texas Bar registration card in 1986, I'm left thinking that Warren's chances of being elected president are akin to this observation by Muhammad Ali: "Frazier's got two chances. Slim and none. And Slim just left town."

Mike Rice

South Wellfleet


Chatham Cares For All Residents


Thank you, Chatham, for your ongoing support for struggling local families during the holiday season. Due to your generosity we were able to assist 229 children with warm winter clothing and holiday wishes. The Chatham Children’s Fund, in collaboration with Monomoy Community Services and The Chatham Angel Fund, realized another successful holiday project. Our center, courtesy of David and Gail Oppenheim, was a true Santa’s workshop!

In the spirit of community, our elves increase in numbers every year and we are most grateful for each and every contribution of time, talent, money and gifts. As always, our local churches, organizations, businesses and individuals outdid themselves. Thanks this year to the summer residents and new year-rounders who also joined our team. Our combined efforts make this venture better each year and we welcome your participation. Since we help support families throughout the year in numerous ways, your involvement and donations are an integral part of our successes.

Kudos to all who continue to prove how much Chatham cares for all its residents. Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2019 – we look forward to your participation next year!


Pat Vreeland, The Chatham Children’s Fund

Theresa Malone, Monomoy Community Services

Ginny Nickerson, The Chatham Angel Fund


Students Meet Their Heroes


On Friday, Feb. 8, Monomoy Regional Middle School sixth grade students wrapped up a months-long interdisciplinary unit on “The Finest Hours.” As students were reading the book, we visited the Chatham Coast Guard Station and climbed the Chatham Lighthouse, went on the Coast Guard boats, learned about wireless radio at the Chatham Marconi Center, and got to go inside a replica of the CG36500 at the Atwood House Museum.

Throughout the unit, students tried to answer the question what does it mean to be a hero? We invited local first responders to come in and be interviewed by the students about their heroic experiences. The culmination of the unit included a screening of the film at the Chatham Orpheum, introduced by author Casey Sherman. Students then enjoyed lunch at Chatham Bars Inn with the first responders as their guests. CBI generously donated the use of the beautiful Monomoy Room for our annual Heroes Luncheon and were lovely hosts. Food for the luncheon was donated by The Cape Sea Grille, The Chatham Squire, JoMama’s NY Bagels, Pain D’Avignon, and the Red Nun.

We are so lucky to live in such a caring, supportive community! The interaction with and support from our community businesses and organizations is part of what makes Monomoy Regional School District such a special place. Lastly, a huge thank you to Chatham Friends of Trees and The Art of Charity Foundation of Chatham, which generously offered to cover the cost of our field trip. What a gift! We live in such an incredibly supportive community! Many thanks to all who made this entire unit possible for our students! 

The Monomoy Regional Middle School Sixth-Grade Team