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By: Cape Cod Chronicle

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Forty-three seniors will participate in this semester's Internship Program in conjunction with the Harwich Chamber of Commerce. Local businesses, organizations and Senator Julian Cyr's office will host interns. The program kicked off with a meeting of students and mentors last week.

Monomoy Regional High School

Congratulations to Jenna Beebe, whose poem, "Inside of Me" was chosen for publication in the American High School Poets anthology, published by the Live Poets Society of New Jersey.

On Friday, Jan. 4, Monomoy AP and We the People government students went to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate in Boston to participate in a day-long Senate simulation field trip. Students played the role of U.S. Senators and had to create legislation, debate bill amendments, listen to expert testimony, and balance the interests of their party, their state and their own opinions. The topic was comprehensive immigration policy reform. Students also viewed EMK museum exhibits, got to debate and interact with Sandwich High and Martha's Vineyard students, and met Sandwich state representative Randy Hunt.

Students in Ms. Picariello's marine science class had a rare opportunity to perform necropsies (animal autopsies) on four Kemp’s Ridley sea turtles that stranded and died on local Cape Cod beaches earlier this winter. The turtles were brought in to class by scientists from the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and students worked in groups to dissect each turtle and examine every aspect of their anatomy. The data gathered by Monomoy students will be used by the Audubon in their sea turtle population study. This study is an effort to learn more about these endangered animals and why they become "cold stunned" on Cape Cod every winter. Many thanks to the Audubon staff who assisted with the necropsies and also to the Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary Director Bob Prescott for inviting students to participate in this research project.

This past fall grade eight students participated in a writing contest to produce a mini saga – a full story of 100 words or less. Fifty-one of our shark writers had their stories selected for publication. “Stranger Sagas – Mysteries from Massachusetts” will be published on March 31 and will include stories from the following students: Drew Ryan, Jennie Grogan, Alyson Morris, Cosmo Perry, Elizabeth Ryan, Alisha Germosen, Thomas Spillane, Charlie Seif, Mya Jalbert, Dylan Meservey, Daisha Reid, Lily Bergman, Samantha Goode, Alexa Long, Evan Hurley, Mitch Silva, Ryan Borthwick, Wyatt Archibald, Bella Porter, Jeffrey Hauck, Jenna Connery, Lucy Mawn, Austin Blowland, Tristyn Williams, Jack Yuskaitis, Helen DiGiovanni, Krystal Prudeaux, Elizabeth Bruce, Aurora Reed, Kyle Richman, Rood Cheron, Brianna Ramos, Molly Gramm, Casey Loud, Lindsey Delande, Mark Coleman, Marissa Dennis, Sean Robinson, Alessandro DeDominicis, Emily Coughlin, Nathan Andreasson and Sydney Waite. Congratulations to these fine short fiction authors!

Mrs. Forte-Doyle's honors American literature class recently wrote research papers about contemporary examples of "witch hunts" or the targeting of people based on what they are and not what they do. Kaitlyn Lyons used two circles in her presentation showing that people of color are more often arrested for minor crimes than whites. The small circle made chances of being let go less likely. Kaitlyn's other circle had a larger radius, showing the greater opportunity whites have to commit petty crimes without arrest. Math teachers will be happy to know that Kaitlyn included several mathematical references in her presentation.