Running Into The Holidays With The Orleans Santa Stampede

By: Kat Szmit

Topics: Running , Sports

Runners of all ages take off at the start of the 2018 Santa Stampede in Orleans on Dec. 1. Barry Donahue Photo

ORLEANS – The costumes were as cool as the runners themselves (emphasis on “elves”) in the 2018 Santa Stampede in Orleans on Saturday morning, with more than 200 runners taking part in the annual tradition.

Dave Fay was first to cross the finish line with his time of 18:33.3, followed by Jeremy Bullock, who ran the 5K in 18:50.5. Meanwhile, Jessica Scott of Seekonk was the first woman to cross the finish line, completing the run in 19.44.9.

The spirited race kicked off at 10:30 a.m. from the Barley Neck Inn, with runners traversing Beach Road before finishing back at the inn. Prior to the official 5K was a kids fun run, though a number of under-18 runners took on the 5K. Below is a list of winners by age group.


Girls 14 and Under: First: Ava Bullock, 20:45.7; Second: Bailey Ford, 20:57.6, Third: Kenya-ha Pigo-Cronin, 22:08.7; Fourth: Mia Carroll, 27:30.2. Women 20-29: First: Jessica Scott, 19:44.9; Second: Rachel Drummey, 23:51.6; Third: Kathryn Tessier, 26:10.2; Fourth: Jillian Crowley, 27:45.8. Women 30-39: First: Jennifer Stevens, 22:49.8; Second: Tracey Svenningson, 24:15.7; Third: Carolyn Burnett, 24:16.6, Fourth: Ekaterina Grishenkova, 25:22. Women 40-49: First: Moria Noonan-Kerry, 22:43.4, Second: Elizabeth Kudarauskas, 23:49.1, Third: Erika Smith, 25:09.9, Fourth: Karen Svenningsen, 27:34.7. Women 50-59: First: Sue Swenson, 23:37.6, Second: Natalie Davis, 23:57.4, Third: Kayleen Rosato, 24:10, Fourth: Suzanne Brooks, 25:59.7. Women 60-69: First: Kathleen Thomas, 23:50.2, Second: Diane Systrom, 26:07.2, Third: Mary Neil, 27:55.7, Fourth: Tom Nally, 28:08.7. Women 70+: Marilyn Cloud, 37:54.9.


Boys 14 and Under: First: Jeremy Bullock, 18:50.5, Second: Tanner Agurkis, 19:39.9, Third: Landon Richter, 20:02.9, Fourth: Corey Vendetti, 20:06.2; Men 20-19: First: Kelan Koncewicz, 20:14.4, Second: Michael Allen, 36:10.7; Men 30-29: First: Karl Hoeffer, 22:36.7, Second: Brian Duarte, 24:53.6, Third: Chris Ellis, 25:15.2, Fourth: Matthew Burns, 28:55.3; Men 40-49: First: Dave Fay, 18:33.3, Second: Chris Crema, 19:03.2, Third: Jonathan Kelly, 21:10, Fourth: Donald MacKenzie, 23:28.8; Men 50-59: First: Jamie Veara, 20:11.9, Second: Jason Lilly, 20:21, Third: Brian Lowry, 20:55.8, Fourth: Bud Macomber, 22:54.5; Men 60-69: First: Bob Neil, 20:43.9, Second: Steven Bratt, 21:34.7, Third: Paul Jeffrey, 26:33.2, Fourth: Bill Hettrick, 26:48.7; Men 70+: First: Brian Kelly, 31:15.6, Second: Steve Conroy, 31:24, Third: Ron Mullett, 38:13.4, Fourth: George Graeben, 41:00.