Letters to the Editor, Dec. 6


Commissioner Plays Politics As Usual


In his Nov. 27 letter, Barnstable County Commissioner Ron Beaty apparently disagrees with those who seek a measured, well-researched, intelligent solution to Cape Cod’s seal and shark problem. In keeping with the lack of civility which pervades today's political discourse and instead of  presenting a cogent argument, Mr. Beaty chose to insult and bully those environmentalists, defenders of wildlife, scientists and government officials who are also working towards a solution. He dismisses them as extremists, fanatical, narrowly focused, pandering, inactive, lacking concern, and insane, and then he presents himself as the only one who can save us from the “highly dangerous and menacing great white shark.” One would expect a commissioner to be open to all ideas rather than rigidly dismissing all but his own (which he fails to articulate).

Elizabeth Tuttle Edge

Cherry Hill, N.J.

Where’s The Outrage?

Where’s the outrage? Where’s the righteous indignation? Where’s the marshaling of support among the residents concerned about the possibility that the historic qualities of Stage Harbor Road might be diminished?
It was there in force both in writing and public gatherings when a sidewalk on Stage Harbor Road was suggested. Now when many of the historic road’s homes have been razed or altered beyond recognition and other lots accessed by this scenic road have been developed to use up any available land, there is none. The footprint covered by these new buildings and remodels leaves no room to, metaphorically, breathe, using the maximum of zoning allowances. Most shocking is the total rape of the lot at the corner of Stage Harbor Road and Harding Lane. All the mature trees have been cut.
Where’s the outrage?

Linda Simonitsch