Chilly Temps Make For Ideal Conditions In Third Annual Chatham In The Fall 10K

By: Kat Szmit

Topics: Chatham , Running , Sports

Runners set off at the start of the third annual Chatham in the Fall 10K, held Nov. 18 in Chatham. Kat Szmit Photo

CHATHAM – The cool weather was enough to drive most people indoors on Sunday morning, but those taking part in the third annual Chatham in the Fall 10K aren't most people. That's why nearly 200 determined runners laced up their trainers and took to the streets of the scenic venue for what is becoming a pre-Thanksgiving tradition.

Acton-Boxborough runner Caleb Straayer was the first overall runner to cross the finish line at the top of the hill on Crowell Road, completing the 6.2-mile course in 38:21, which translated to a commendable pace of 6:11.

Megan Noyes was the overall women's winner, wrapping up her run with a time of 46:47 for a pace of 7:33, with Noyes, like her fellow race participants delighting in a calm day with no wind.

“We're very excited of the direction of the race right now,” said coordinator Howard Tansey. “We had a lot more sponsors this year and a lot more runners than we've had in the past. We want to keep moving it that way.”

Tansey thanked the Town of Chatham and the Chatham Police Department for their support, which included traffic control provided by officers along the route.

“The support of the town is great, and the police,” Tansey said.

But what makes the fall run such a popular event is, well, that it's cool.

“The summer race is just so hot, and in the fall race people can actually go out there and really exert some energy and feel good about themselves on a challenging course,” Tansey said. “We've had all good feedback from all the runners this year.”

The following is a list of finishers by age group, as well as top 10 finishers by division (men's and women's):


Men's Overall: Caleb Straayer

Women's Overall: Megan Noyes

Men's 80-98: Larry Cole; Men's 70-79: First: Kenneth Hermann, Second: Steve Conroy, Third: Bob Black; Men's 60-69: First, Mark Carow, Second: Larry Belliveau, Third: William Grant; Men's 50-59: First: Dan Somes, Second Jamie Veara, Third: David Abbott; Men's 40-49: First: Dave Fay, Second, Keith Putnam, Third: Luke McKinnon; Men's 30-39: First: Nathan Keenan, Second: Peter Byland, Third: Ryan Wells; Men's 13-19: First: Evan Eberle, Second: Billy Coakley, Third: Oliver DiCerbo.

Women's 70-79: Martha Edwards; Women's 60-69: First: Kit Boucher, Second: Nancy O'Connor, Third: Nancy Stsiger; Women's 50-59: First: Kayleen Rosato, Second: Erin Krall, Third: Sue Swenson; Women's 40-49: First: Mariya Michniewicz, Second: Rebecca Metters, Third: Nancy Sawyer; Women's 20-29: First: Margaret Allen, Second: Samantha Clark, Third: Clare Foley.

Men's Top 10 Overall: 1. Caleb Straayer, 2. Evan Eberle, 3. Billy Coakley, 4. Dave Fay, 5. Dan Somes, 6. Keith Putnam, 7. Oliver DiCerbo, 8. Daniel White, 9. Nathaniel Keenan, 10. Peter Byland.

Women's Top 10 Overall: 1. Megan Noyes, 2. Mariya Michniewicz, 3. Kate Meberg, 4. Emily Haranas, 5. Margaret Allen, 6. Kayleen Rosato, 7. Jessica Muldoon, 8. Samantha Clark, 9. Jamie Missios, 10. Clare Foley.