Letters to the Editor, Nov. 8

Letter to the Editor

A Spooktacular Good Time


Thank you to all the groups and individuals who worked together to make the Halloween Happenings – The Halloween Parade, Cookout, Pumpkin Drop, Photo Booth and Monster Mash Bingo – a wonderful community event for dozens of local families.

Special thanks to: Chatham Fire and Rescue, David Oppenheim and the Chatham Wayside Inn, Emily Dowal and the volunteers from Polhemus, Savery DaSilva, Joe Webster, Sharon Stark and the Chatham PARK students, Chatham Rec staff, Chatham Cookware, Chatham Police, Linda Middleton, Ryan Darmon, Eileen and Bob Vath, Chatham PTO, Mayflower Shop, J. McLaughlin and the after school teachers at Monomoy Community Services.

Chatham Halloween Happenings Volunteers

Take Care Of Each Other


It's been a rough week – pipe bombs, synagogue slaughter, supermarket and school shootings.  We keep searching for someone or something to blame in our quest for understanding and context.  Our society, and the world at large, seems to be approaching a crisis.  Even on our little spit of land sticking out into the Atlantic, we are uneasy.

To blame one person is too simplistic.  I am repulsed by hateful rhetoric and inciting rage.  I certainly did not vote Republican in 2016, but to blame Trump is too easy.  He did not create this environment, but he does contribute to normalizing traits that were previously regarded as abnormal.  He has given voice to rudeness, crudeness, rampant dishonesty, insensitivity, immorality and allowed/encouraged others to do the same.  He is incapable of sustaining anything but his basest nature, never striving to evolve to a higher manifestation of his own humanity, because he truly believes that he is already there.

His shortcomings are embedded in his nature and his nurture – no one, seemingly, ever told him “no” in his entire life.  Personality disorders or mental illness aside, he cannot give us what we need as a sore-hearted nation because he doesn't have it to give in the first place.  We can't expect him to be an enlightened, visionary leader – it just isn't part of his character.  He can't fail us; he only consistently gives us more of what we already knew was there. We can't be surprised and outraged any longer.  We, the collective we, failed by putting him in the White House to begin with.  

So, it is up to all of us to lead ourselves by taking care of each other, to be good, gentle, and wise.  To love each other.  And to vote with the awareness that a human being requires being human, understanding that the highest expression of what that means is to lift each other up to our greatest potential in our shared humanity.

It is a small planet – there is only us.  Words matter, they are powerful and have meaning; kindness matters.  And I really don't want to move to New Zealand or Madagascar in 2020.

Maria C. Mazzer

North Chatham


Ice Cream For A Cause


We want to take a moment for a special thank you to all who purchased ice cream on our last day, Oct. 8. Not only did you get some great ice cream but you helped support Habitat for Humanity of Cape Cod with a donation of $1,000.

In addition, a donation of $500 has also been made to the Pals for Life Foundation which helps with urgently needed emergency funds for members of the hospitality industry.

Again, many thanks to all for a wonderful season.

Jan and John Newton

Short ‘n’ Sweet

South Chatham


Community Came Together For Family


The Keeler Family Pancake Breakfast was a true community event fueled by compassion and teamwork. In spite of the rain and wind, the Masons cooked, the Cub Scouts served, and our “village” united to help a family in need. I would like to thank the following for their donations and time in making this event a success: Chatham Candy Manor, Chatham Village Market, Impudent Oyster, Wayside Inn, Orpheum Theater, Oasis Salon and Day Spa, Villa Roma, Meservey’s, Chatham Cub Scouts, Chatham Light Liquors, Devil’s Purse, George’s Pizza, Jake Rooney’s, Women of Fishing Families, Richard Tucker, The Hair Company, Harwich Clipper, Red’s Pizza, Pine Tree Nursery, Sarah Swenson, the Masons, and The Cape Cod Chronicle. Above all, it is because of the overwhelming generosity of our wonderful community that the fundraising goal was exceeded. Words cannot truly express the gratitude felt for all of your support!

Nancy D. Bober

Chatham Cub Scouts


Some Pumpkin Wisdom


Over the years I have watched churches and other venues try and sell all of the pumpkins on display. However, I have yet to see any venues selling out. It appears to me that between 25 and 33 percent are unsold. I'm hoping they get donated.

Would it not be advised to charge one or two prices for the lot and sell out? For instance, any pumpkin under five pounds charge a fixed price of $3; over five pounds charge $5. These numbers are arbitrary.

If there are around 500 to 1,000 pumpkins in a shipment, then you are making a small profit with the hope of selling out.

Ed Fried

West Chatham


LGBTQ Senior Support Appreciated


Last Thursday, the Chatham Orpheum Theater graciously hosted our inaugural screenings of the critically-acclaimed documentary “Gen-Silent,” depicting the challenges faced by LGBTQ seniors in the course of interfacing with the healthcare delivery system. With the presence of State Representative Sarah Peake, State Senator Julian Cyr, and Executive Office of Elder Affairs Secretary Dr. Alice Bonner, we were able to open the topic up not just to our employees, but the community at large, with over 100 in attendance.

We will continue this work into the new year, but our launch was all the more meaningful for the support of Kevin McLean and the Orpheum’s commitment to community service. We sincerely thank them for their support.

William J. Bogdanovich, president, CEO

Broad Reach Healthcare

North Chatham