Our View: Tuesday, Nov. 6

We don't know if election endorsements from newspapers, ours or any others, do any good, especially given the way most people regard the press today. There's not a lot to say about local races anyway, as there are few that are contested on the Tuesday, Nov. 6 ballot. All of the contests are for state or county office. The latter is growing more and more anachronistic. That's why we think Harwich resident Leo Cakounes should continue as a county commissioner, since he's made it his mission to hold down county spending and keep the size of county government limited. Likewise, Peter Hughes has the experience and knowledge to watch the bottom line as Harwich's representative on the Barnstable County Assembly of Delegates. Rep. Sarah Peake isn't being challenged, and we think Cape and Islands State Senator Julian Cyr has done on a good job in his first term and should continue; don't believe the mailings you receive from far-right, state-wide PACs.

The real fireworks, of course, will be in other states, where there are far more important Congressional elections happening. Locally, we have no doubt that William Keating will win re-election as our Congressman and urge support for him, even though we don't always agree with him. But elsewhere, the viability of the checks and balances built into the Constitution hang in the balance. This is perhaps the most important mid-term election in decades, and it's important that every voice be heard. So to our readers, locally and throughout the country, we urge, in the strongest terms possible, to do one thing on Nov. 6: