Letters to the Editor, Sept. 6

Letter to the Editor

CFL Attracted By Deep Pockets


Regarding the article ("CLF Sues Harwich Resorts") in the Aug. 30 Chronicle, please take a look at this link: tinyurl.com/y84h6qa4. I'm hoping that The Chronicle is going to be "fair and balanced" with regard to assessing whether or not CLF is just bullying our resorts with baseless claims all in the name of soaking enterprises with deep pockets so they can pay their burgeoning staff. A staff which consists of not one environmental expert but rather a huge employee payroll that must be fed. A payroll that includes one president, six office managers, eight executive VPs, eight donation/gift managers, 12 director(s) of projects, 16 senior or staff attorneys and numerous HR, office assistants and paralegals. The link below provides at least a couple of examples of what our resorts are going to face with no apparent capability to say "cease and decease" but instead the likely outcome of having to spend millions in legal fees for baseless claims.

CLF could literally go after anyone with deep pockets for any made-up reason, all to keep a revenue stream coming in to pay for their outrageously large and lawsuit-happy staff. There is probably not a single person on the CLF staff that has ever run a company or even been employed by a company much less the quality of the well-run

Harwich companies being sued. They all move to the drum beat of big businesses must be inherently evil and must be taken down a peg or two.

PS: This is not an article that I want published because CLF might come after me...Oh, I almost forgot...I have nothing worth suing for!

Larry Jobson


Missing The View


While all of the sharks on display at the library this summer showed creativity, artistic ability and even, in some cases, humor , it's easy to see why the one showing the beautiful view of the harbor overlooking the windmill house brought in the most money. However, it is a sad reminder that the lovely view enjoyed by us (since buying our house here in the early '80s) and so many others is now hidden behind one of the tall privet hedges obscuring more and more of the beautiful houses along Shore Road.

I wonder if the owner would please consider cutting the hedge back to fence height so the view can be shared and enjoyed once again? Pretty Please!

Darlene Merselis



Cash Not Good Enough?


I have to say I was so surprised when I went to the dump and saw a big sign saying they will no longer accept cash.


That is just amazing to me. I don't use credit cards; what am I supposed to do, leave things in vacant lots?

Margaret Eldredge