Beach Nourishment Underway At Cockle Cove

By: Alan Pollock

Topics: Erosion

The Barnstable County Dredge Codfish (in distance) pumps sand on Cockle Cove Beach.  ALAN POLLOCK PHOTO

SOUTH CHATHAM - The Barnstable County dredge Codfish began work clearing shoals from Mill Creek in South Chatham last week, pumping the recovered sand to Cockle Cove Beach.

The sand is a dark color at first because of organic material, but quickly bleaches out in the air and sunlight, Coastal Resources Director Ted Keon said. The beach nourishment was sorely needed, since erosion was threatening the edge of the parking lot and had narrowed the beach dramatically.

Town officials had suspended the parking fee at the Cockle Cove lot in recognition of the poor condition of the beach, and as of Tuesday, parking was still free. The beach nourishment is expected to continue for around another week, Keon said.

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