Our View: What We Learned This Week


We're constantly amazed at the amount of activity that happens in our communities. Of course, since it's the high summer season, there's a lot more going on now than there was in January or March, when we were all sheltering in our homes hoping the power wouldn't go off again. And there are a lot more people around to take advantage of the opportunities, which creates the traditional double-edged sword: more to do, bigger crowds to fight to do it.

But the variety of activities help spread everyone out. This past Monday, for instance, Chatham held its second Mondays on Main music stroll, and at the same time, the Chatham Anglers were playing at Veterans Field. Both were well-attended and there was a fair amount of cross-attendance observed.

Music is a big part of the Cape's summer experience these days; there's a free concert every night of the week in at least one, and sometimes more, Cape towns. Between the TD Bank summer concert series, weekly band concerts in several towns, and regular music strolls in Harwich, Chatham and Orleans, it's possible to see live music – free! – nightly. There's also live theater almost every day, and you don't even have to travel west of Bass River.

But there's much more going on around here. A glimpse off shore shows that the boating season is in full swing, and the bass have been biting off Chatham's eastern shore (as of this writing, at least). Local authors have come out of their garrets to promote their books, and various festivals – including the Harwich Cape Verde Festival and the Cape Hydrangea Festival – are being held this week.

We also learned this week that there are plenty of great white sharks in the waters east of the Cape, and the first of the season was tagged Monday, which always generates a lot of attention. Town governments continue their work; Chatham recently hired a new conservation agent, Harwich is looking at establishing a government internship, and Orleans is getting ready to establish an affordable housing trust.

It's a busy time of year, and there's a lot going on to keep residents, visitors and reporters busy and keep our minds off the craziness happening on the national and world stages.