A Message For Our Summer Neighbors

Dear Summer Residents and Visitors:

Welcome back to the Lower Cape! We’re glad you’re here again, visiting shops, eating in restaurants, and generally pumping up the local economy. We’re doing our part by avoiding left turns at intersections and trying to stay cheerful in traffic. While you were away, we had huge storms that knocked down trees and limbs. We had town meeting and spent some of the money you contributed to our tax base; thanks for that. And we had road construction. Lots and lots of it.

While you’re enjoying your vacation here, we'd like to ask you to spare a thought for some of the year-round residents who help make the summer experience possible. Whether it’s the chef in your favorite restaurant, the staff of the boutique you visit every year, or the landscaper who keeps your property tidy, many year-rounders find it hard to make ends meet on Cape Cod. It’s a place where the cost of living is high, and the winters – when employment opportunities are fewer – are long.

Whether you’re a summer resident who’s been coming here since your childhood or a vacationer spending a week in Orleans, Chatham or Harwich, you can contribute to The Chronicle’s summertime Helping Neighbors campaign. The funds you donate benefit the Family Pantry of Cape Cod, which puts food on the table for some of the estimated 10 percent of Cape Cod families, children and senior citizens who don’t know how they’ll get their next meal. You can even join a growing community of summer residents who set aside a little time to volunteer for the Family Pantry. Visit www.CapeCodChronicle.com and click the blue Helping Neighbors logo on the left to find out more.

Thanks for helping! We’ll save a seat for you at the band concert.