Letters to the Editor, June 28

One Person's Treasures...


After recently reading the article regarding new rules at The Treasure Chest, myself and others from Dennis take exception to Lincoln Hooper's comment about "people from Dennis dropping off truckloads of stuff, overwhelming Harwich and volunteers.” We are not your scapegoat. Look to home, Mr. Hooper.

Deborah Randall

West Dennis


Bursting Their Balloons


On June 19 I picked up 31 balloons on Morris Island. Show this to the people against the ban.

Martha Jason

Mass Audubon Coastal Waterbird Program


Keep An Eye On The Road


Thanks to donations and support from the Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority, Cape Cod 5, Nauset Rotary, Attorney John Manoog III, local police departments, MassRides, and MassBike, J-1 students are receiving free road safety training and a set of safety lights for their bikes and clothing at the resorts and supermarkets where they work, and at welcome dinners and other events.  Bike and pedestrian committees are working with our organizations, and police in many towns are carrying safety lights with them at night, so that when they see someone riding without illumination, offering a set and helping to install them.

You can learn more about J-1 host housing by looking at www.midcapej1housing.org/forhosts, how to donate to keep the J-1 late bus going all summer by looking at www.youcaring.com/j1latebus-1098708, www.hellosummerj1.com, and how to volunteer or attend J-1 welcome events at www.hellosummerj1.com. 

But most importantly, please remember to drive carefully down our roads, even during the day, and watch out for not only J-1s but all others walking or riding down the same roads.

Gail Meyers Lavin

Mid-Cape J-1 Housing Program



 A Booming Art In Bloom


The Nauset Garden Club would like to thank those people who supported the club’s Art in Bloom on June 8 and 9 at the Crosby Mansion. Feedback was extremely positive which made club members feel good about the fruits of their labor. Comments regarding the artwork and floral designs were wonderful, not to mention the yummy cookies at the garden tea and plant sale.

The club would also like to thank Cape Cod 5 and Agway for their sponsorship.

In October the club will present a flower show, keep your eyes open for the announcement.

Peggy Sheehan

Nauset Garden Club


Public Deserves Say On Dog Rules


Sometimes one wonders whether it’s the owners that should be leashed and not the dogs. I’ve walked Kent’s Point with my dogs for over a decade, and have rarely if ever seen the behavior described in your recent issue. “Know your dog” should be the first caveat, and if there is any question as to its temperament – stay home, please! Otherwise you’re going to ruin it for the rest of us.  Over-reacting, the selectmen are now considering tighter restrictions, mainly because of one incident, as unfortunate as it was.  At the very least, if the rest of the public is going to be punished for the negligence of a few, there should be a public hearing first.  We deserve to have our say. 

Richard N. Miller

South Orleans


Forum Provokes Thought, Discussion


The Chatham Alliance for Preservation and Conservation member organizations and board of directors wishes to thank the community for attending and participating in our forum entitled “Chatham in the 21st Century. How Does the Town Cope with the ‘Unintended Consequences of Popularity’?”  We also want to thank Tim Wood, who so ably moderated the forum which was based on an editorial he wrote on this topic, as well as esteemed panelists Deborah Ecker, Jack Farrell, Bill Litchfield, Karen Murdoch, and John Whelan, each of whom brought their own perspectives and ideas.  We are sorry that there was not enough room for all who wanted to attend, but we hope that many of the issues that were addressed will be given the attention they deserve. 

Carol Kolb

Gloria Freeman, co-Presidents


Masons Will Honor Town Decision


To the town of Chatham and its residents and thousands of visitors,

On behalf of St. Martin's Masonic Lodge, we thank you for the opportunity we have had for the last seven years to carry on the time-honored tradition of selling balloons at the Fourth of July parade and Friday night Chatham Band concerts at Kate Gould Park. This tradition will be missed, as many generations have come year after year to experience this small New England town tradition.

We as a Lodge feel the town has spoken and we fully respect the decision and due process of our town government. That being said, we will no longer be selling balloons in the town of Chatham. Please look for us as we continue to find creative ways to raise funds to support our community.

William A. Benoit III

Past Master, St. Martin's Lodge