Monomoy Baseball Bows Out In Tournament Action

By: Kat Szmit

Topics: School Sports , Sports , Baseball

A speedy Griffen Handler slides into second after a mad dash from first before scoring Monomoy's lone run on a hit from Logan Routhier moments later. Kat Szmit Photo

HARWICH – It was a tough end of the season for Monomoy baseball, which fell 3-1 to West Bridgewater in the June 7 Div. 4 South prelims at Whitehouse Field in Harwich.

Monomoy did all it could in the seven-inning outing, but couldn't muster the hits needed to overtake their opponents.

“It was a tough game,” said Steve Porter, filling in as coach for longtime head coach Steve Wilson, who was sidelined with illness. Porter said he felt the team did well in spite of the loss.

When the Sharks got up to bat it seemed that every hit found its way to a Wildcat defender as Monomoy struggled to put a man on first. Meanwhile, the visitors took what became an unshakable lead that the Sharks couldn't crack.

Hope came in the fifth inning when, with no outs on the scoreboard, Matt Veary swung into a commanding hit as Griffen Handler motored all the way to third. A fielder's choice from Logan Routhier scored Handler, but West Bridgewater pitcher CJ Dunn quickly ended the inning and any further scoring chances.

A pair of questionable calls made the game even more challenging for the home team, the first coming when Jamie Routhier was called safe twice before the home plate umpire reversed the call, deeming him out after conversing with West Bridgewater coach Jack Outerbridge. The second came when Handler was called out late in the game when it was alleged he was preparing to run to second in spite of actually turning to take his place on first.

Incurring the loss for the Sharks was pitcher Joe Cottle, whom Porter said had a strong game in spite of the final score with seven strikeouts. Cottle gave way to reliever Eli Nickerson, who shut down his first two batters before allowing a single that scored run No. 3 for the Wildcats.

“Joe did a great job,” said Porter. “Eli Nickerson was also solid, and Matt Veary had that big hit that led to a run for us.”

Porter gave kudos to the team's seniors for their consistent efforts.

“Shoutout to all the seniors, Nathan (Amaker), Eli (Nickerson), Kiernan (Murphy), Griffen (Handler), and Matt (Veary) for their careers,” he said. “Thanks to them the younger generation knows how to win and how to keep playing through the tough games.”