Despite Rescue Efforts, Man Dies After Being Crushed By Car

By: Alan Pollock

Topics: Police, Fire And Harbormaster News

Caution tape cordons off the accident scene.  WILLIAM F. GALVIN PHOTO

HARWICH PORT — A 62-year-old Harwich Port man died after being crushed by a car he was repairing.

Police say Benito Reyes was working underneath the car in the parking lot behind 546 Main St. Friday morning when the scissor jack holding the car was knocked loose.

Police received a 911 call shortly before 10:30 a.m., and the first officer on scene, Animal Control Officer Jack Burns, saw a group of citizens lift the car off of the victim.

An off-duty nurse, who was working in her garden nearby, started CPR on Reyes. News photographer Jake O’Callaghan was in the area and responded to cover the incident, but ended up assisting instead.

“I happened to be going to it, to see what it was, and I jumped in to help,” he said. The nurse was growing tired, and O’Callaghan offered to relieve her. He had taken a CPR class years before.

Burns and Harwich Police Sgt. Adam Hutton took over the resuscitation, using an automatic external defibrillator to try and revive Reyes. Harwich paramedics rushed him to Cape Cod Hospital, and his heart was restarted during the trip. The man was airlifted to a Boston hospital, but later succumbed to extensive injuries.

In a Twitter post, the Harwich Police praised bystanders for their efforts and offered condolences to Reyes’ family.