Letters to the Editor, June 7

Letter to the Editor

Rosanne Can Tune Up


Now that ABC cancelled her show due to a deplorable racist Tweet, Rosanne Barr will have plenty of time to perfect her rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. Remember when she screeched out the National Anthem at a Padre's game back in July 1990?

Mike Rice

South Wellfleet-based


Art And Film Happily Converge


I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone at the Orpheum Theater for being so kind and supportive of Gallery Antonia and our five artists that participated in the Winter Artist Series held the past several months at the theater. I feel that this was a wonderful collaboration between Gallery Antonia and The Orpheum Theater. I appreciate the support of the Orpheum board members, filmmaker Cally Crowell and especially Director Kevin McLain for his energy and enthusiasm for this winter series.

On behalf of our artists, Hiram Ball, Ann Hart, Susan Hollis, Elizabeth Lazeren and Kim Roderiques, we wish the Orpheum a successful summer season!

Domonic Boreffi, owner

Gallery Antonia


 A Falsehood Told Often Enough...



President Trump knows exactly what he is doing when he attacks the media and refers to “fake news.” If he repeats his allegations enough, despite how false they  may be, his followers will actually believe them to be true.

Juliet R. Bernstein



Festival Takes A Village


On behalf of The Women of Fishing Families, I would like to thank our amazing town and our community for coming out to support W.O.F.F. at our annual Blessing of the Fleet! Your presence and belief in our mission means everything to us! We would also like to thank the following people who donated and helped to make the Blessing and the Fisherman Festival the success it was: The town of Chatham, Chatham Harbormaster, Chatham Fish Pier Market, Devil’s Purse, Georges Fish Market, Chatham Perk, Local Scoop, Whole Foods, Chatham Filling Station, St. Christopher’s, First Congregational Church of Chatham, Unitarian Universalist Meeting House, Sarah Marchio, Shareen Davis, Chatham Shellfish Company, Earth Junior, Monomoy Community Services, Shop Ahoy Liquors, Chatham Light Liquors, Tidal Marketing, Fisherman's Daughter, The Cape Cod Chronicle, our families and the fishermen who make up our local fleet!

Karen Murdoch, president/founder

Women of Fishing Families


Eldredge Library In Days Gone By

In response to a letter from Paul Galanti a few weeks ago, the Eldredge Public Library librarian in the '40s was Miss Edna Hardy. She indeed was the boss of the library. I read a lot and so spent many hours at the library and as a teenager even helped when it was decided to renew the collections. My mother, Eleanor Page, was librarian in the '50s and '60s. She was very involved in the addition about that time.
The library is indeed a marvelous building and a great asset to Chatham.

Judith P. Davis
Reading, Pa.


 Keep Off The Path?

I have been a 37 year property owner/taxpayer in Chatham. Today, I experienced an unfortunate incident, that I feel Chatham should explore and change.
I was walking on the path behind Harding's Beach with my certified ESA dog. The animal warden pulled up and said I couldn't walk my dog on the beach. For years, people have walked on the path with their dogs, and periodically I've had to move, as a jeep goes up or down the path.
Since Mr. Tobin (parks and recreation director) was away, his secretary called the Chatham Police Department and an officer said I could not walk my certified ESA dog as this was not the same as a service dog. I disagree with that statement and find it prejudicial.
I understand that the plovers are now breeding and that a large area (not on the path) is roped off. I know that and follow the rules. Personally, I think there is an obsession about the plovers and I understand Massachusetts is the only state with this law.
I experience a lot of emotional satisfaction and good health while walking my ESA certified 12-pound dog.
Could someone explain why I can't?
Also, to all future dog walkers on Harding's Beach Path, be aware of the dog warden's presence there, anytime, Monday through Friday, when she's patrolling.
Now, you can't use the path from April 1 to Sept. 1 (oddly the Chatham Parks were putting up the signs – which were supposed to go up May 1 – as I talked to the dog warden) and probably not during plover season, which follows these dates.
I just read a Saratoga Springs tourist's comment, today, during my research: “We love walking our dog on the Harding's Beach path!”

Mary Ann Mahoney
Latham, N.Y. and Chatham