Letters to the Editor, May 31

Don't Give Up On Monomoy Bill


I’ve done some research on H.R. 1157 regarding the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge.  Here is my take on it.  It’s on “death watch.” Although Congressman Keating sponsored and submitted the bill, he has not “championed” it.  There are no co-sponsors.  Not even Niki Tsongas, Massachusetts Third District, who sits on the Natural Resources Committee!

It was disappointing to read that Mr. Keating explained his lack of commitment to the bill by simply blaming the Republicans. On his website he claims he is a “consensus builder amongst members of both parties.” Really? “Blaming” does not help build consensus. This is an issue that many Republicans would agree with. Plus, the Congressional Budget Office recognized that it would be of “no cost” which is good news for this cause.

I applaud the efforts of the board of selectmen.  If people who care about Chatham are truly concerned, it is not too late to make a difference. It is so close to the finish line.  But don’t waste time asking Keating for help. Everyone needs to contact the Speaker of the House and any Congressman you think would be sympathetic, especially those on the east coast. Reach out to the non-resident taxpayers and ask them to contact their local congressman and “cc” the speaker of the house.  It’s a simple request, “Please bring H.R. 1157 up for a vote and support it.”  For House of Representative contact info go to www.house.gov/representatives/find-your-representative

Don’t give up!

Maraide Sullivan

South Chatham


Trump And The Press


For years, I have forced myself to read and listen to a variety of sources for political information.  I suppose many would label me as liberal, although there are times when my thinking is definitely conservative.  I readily admit to believing I’m getting more factual information from newspapers.  However, I occasionally  listen to talk radio simply to hear other points of view, and will watch some Fox news for as long as I can stand to.

To my knowledge Donald Trump has never differentiated or specified who or what he considers “the press” or “media.” There are times when he will blast the New York Times, The Washington Post  and CNN.  Nary a negative word about Fox or Rush Limbaugh or any number of so-called talk radio hosts.  When the same message of the day seems to originate from the White House, only to be repeated (sometimes verbatim) by various media outlets, it seems clear Trump’s devoted acolytes are just following the message or script of the day.  The same buzzwords are repeated over and over again.  Are not those following the scripts members of the media?

I have always wondered about Donald Trump’s constant claims that the media/press is dishonest. He has been a media  hound for years, often pretending to be someone else to get a  flattering message to the media/press.  During his campaign, he would brag about the number of people who attended his rallies, often inflating those numbers just as he did regarding the number of people who attended his inauguration. He wants his message made public in as many arenas as possible, no matter whether the message is true or not.  He claimed the ratings were so high due to coverage of his rallies, the networks should be paying him. The constant coverage of his campaign did him a great benefit without much investment on his part. And yet, he constantly bites the hand that feeds him. 

Recently I learned that during an interview with Lesley Stahl, a longtime television journalist, Stahl asked Trump why he continues to hammer the press, even after he won the nomination. Trump answered, “I do it to discredit you all and demean you all so when you write negative stories about me, no one will believe you.”  Ironically, that statement from Trump is one I do believe.

Judith S. Winters


Thanks For Contributing


On behalf of the Friends of the Eldredge Library and the Learning Series at the library, I’d like to extend a heartfelt thank you to Tim Wood of The Chronicle, Kevin McLain at the Orpheum Theater, and Susan Mabile at the community center for their wonderful support of our programs. For years Tim has been a friend and mainstay in publicizing the library’s activities; Kevin’s enthusiasm and energy have made the Orpheum a central venue for us; and Susan has often welcomed us at the Community Center when we needed her help.

All three represent the notion of community spirit in action, and we are deeply grateful both for their ongoing support of our offerings and for their help in making our library courses and programs a vibrant and significant part of Chatham life.

Kerry Brown

Friends of the Eldredge Library


They Knew You'd Be There


The Chatham-Nauset Lions Club recently held a successful Psychic Fair at the Nauset Regional Middle School in Orleans. The purpose of this event was to raise funds for its scholarship program. We are happy to report that thanks to the 110 people who participated, we were able to substantially add to the club’s scholarship program. Since 1995, our club has awarded more than $135,000 in scholarships to graduating seniors from Chatham (now Monomoy), Cape Cod Tech and Nauset Regional High Schools. In particular, we wish to thank the Academy of Performing Arts for the use of its cash boxes and sandwich sign.

Al Williams, public relations chair

Chatham-Nauset Lions Club