Personal Bests Abound As Monomoy Track Does Battle With Sturgis

By: Kat Szmit

Topics: School Sports , Sports , Track/Field

Monomoy's Tara Barry posts a winning performance in the 100 hurdles, winning with a time of 17.9 in her team's May 17 meet against Sturgis. Kat Szmit Photo

HARWICH – The final home meet of the Monomoy boys and girls track teams proved positive for a number of athletes who ran, threw, and jumped their way to a number of personal best performances in competition against Sturgis on May 17.

The boys team was able to overtake the combined East-West visitors, winning their meet with a final score of 81-54.

In the field events, Tre Cohrs took first in the shot put with a throw of 33 feet, 3 inches, followed closely by Ben Hall at 32 feet, 10 inches. The event sweet was completed by Aidan Melton (31 feet), Tim McCabe (24 feet, 3 inches), and Justus Canto (23 feet, 9.5 inches).

In the boys discus Jon Frisbie had a top throw of 79 feet, 5 inches, with Cohrs placing second at 74 feet, 6 inches. Also competing in the event were Canto (67 feet, 6.5 inches) Hall (64 feet, 9 inches), Luke Jodice (60 feet, 7.5 inches), Sam Yuskaitis (59 feet, 8.5 inches), and McCabe (57 feet, 9.5 inches).

Frisbie dominated the javelin, launching a 142 feet, 11 inch throw that was not only a personal best, but also qualified Frisbie for the state meet. Perry Comeau came in second with a throw of 114 feet, 2 inches, while Dante Jacobs earned third at 105 feet, 5 inches.

Also competing in the event were Ian Kogut (84 feet, 2 inches), James Kiernan (82 feet, 3 inches), Luke Jodice (81 feet, 6 inches), Joe Gonnella (81 feet, 4 inches), Douglas Ulrich (75 feet, 11 inches), and Sam Yuskaitis (62 feet, 5 inches).

Gavin Viera placed second in the long jump with a leap of 18 feet, 1 inch, with teammate Ryan Meehan posting a leap of 6 feet, 7 inches. Viera also took second in the triple jump at 35 feet, 7 inches, with Meehan in third at 28 feet, 9 inches.

In the Boys 100-meter run Jason Zaloom took second with a time of 11.9, just shy of the 11.6 personal best he earned in a previous meet. Also competing in the event were Nick Needham at 12.8, Jarrett Strzepek and Dante Jacobs at 13.2 each.

Meehan and Viera both had strong times in the 200 meter run with Meehan at 25.7 and Viera at 26.0, followed by Aidan Melton at 27.4 and Jean-Claude Marjollet at 31.2.

Perry Comeau took second in the 400 meters at 58.7, with James Kiernan posting a time of 1:11:05, while Steven Young triumphed in the boys 800 meters with a stellar time of 2.04, a state-qualifying personal best. Quinn Schuyler came in at 2:27, while Ulrich came in at 2:38:02.

Ryder Robbins took second in the mile at 5:15:01, with teammate Tommy Graham coming in at 5:21:04. Schuyler finished at 6:01:03, Ulrich at 6:10:06, Jason Zou at 6:46:02, and Cohrs at 6:49:01.

Graham was a force to be reckoned with in the two mile, coming in first with a personal best time of 11:08, followed by Robbins at 11:11, while Ryan Schepman was the top runner in the 100 hurdles at 19:38. Colby Jones ran the event in 21.2, and Shaw Schuyler at 22.5. Jones took first in the 400 hurdles at 1:12:35, with Schepman crossing the finish line at 1:13:16, and the 4x100 relay team of Gavin Viera, Jason Zaloom, Ryan Meehan, and Jon Frisbie took first at an impressive 46.2.

“Overall we've lost to the big teams and beaten the teams our size, mainly Sturgis,” said boys head coach Don Bates. “Since there's no Cape and Islands championship I'm still going to claim that we've done the best we can with who we play.”

Bates said he appreciates his athletes for their positive attitudes and camaraderie.

“They support each other very nicely, and I like their sportsmanship toward their opponents, as well,” he said.. “They're good that way.”

Though the girls fell to Sturgis 75-61, Monomoy still showed strength beginning with the girls 100-meter run in which Lizzie Pandiscio raced to a second place finish at 14.2. Dani Healy had a time of 15.4, while Yoshika Hida finished at 16.7. In the girls 200 Emily Blake took second at 29.6 for a personal best, with Ali Barrett posting a time of 31.7.

Monomoy swept the girls 400, beginning with Josie Ganshaw in first with a personal best at 1:13:04, followed by Lily Ryan at 1:14:07, Abbey Tyldesley at 1:16:04, and Caraline LaBelle at 1:16:06.

In the 800 meter Amy Hinesley and Emily McIlvin took first and second with times of 2:56 and 3:02 respectively, while Caroline Davock had a third place time in the mile at 6:48:08. Miah Archambault posted a time of 8:11 in the event.

Davock was the top finisher in the two mile with her time of 14:17, while Tara Barry won the 100 hurdles at 17.9, with Dani Healy in third at 20.21. Yoshika Hida had a time of 22.9. Barry also won the 400 hurdles with a personal best time of 1:13, and took the top spot in the shot put with a throw of 24 feet, 4.75inches. Teammate Emma Mitchell took second with her throw of 22 feet, 2.25 inches, with Ganshaw in third at 19 feet, 3 inches and Healy in fourth with 19 feet.

Davock and Archambault placed fourth and fifth respectively in the discus, with Davock posting a throw of 51 feet, 2.5 inches, and Archambault a distance of 48 feet, 2 inches. Emma Mitchell came in at 36 feet, 2 inches, and Hida at 34 feet.

In the javelin Ganshaw was second at 57 feet, 6 inches, and Tyldesley third at 53 feet, a personal best. Caraline LaBelle had a throw of 48 feet, 1 inch in the event, with Hinesley throwing 43 feet, 1inch.

Though Monomoy didn't place high in the long or triple jump, Ali Barrett had a long jump of 10 feet, 10 inches, and a triple jump of 26 feet, 1 inch, with Lily Ryan coming in with her triple of 20 feet, 10 inches. Tara Barry and Abbley Tyldesley both took second in the high jump with tying heights of 4 feet even.

Cape Tech's fledgling team also participated in the meet with several athletes turning in strong performances. Archer Estinvil ran the 100 meter in 12.2 seconds, while brother Lorvensky posted a time of 12.6 in the event. Ryan Forest had a time of 13.0. Lorvensky Estinvil also ran the 200 meter in 24.9, with Forest coming in at 26.5. In the boys mile Sam Legeyt posted a time of 5:53:04, with Spencer Buechele coming in at 6:30:09. In the boys discus Archer Estinvil had a top throw of 97 feet, 3 inch and a leap of 17 feet in the long jump, while Lorvensky Estinvil had a jump of 15 feet, 10.5 inches. In the girls discus Illyana Wallace had an impressive throw of 63 feet, 0.5 inches.

Next up for the qualifiers will be the state competition, the details of which will be found at