CARE Volunteers Spruce Up Marconi Center

By: Alan Pollock

An Americorps Cape Cod worker and two Chatham Marconi Maritime Center volunteers were among around 50 people who took part in CARE's Marconi Center spruce-up.  ALAN POLLOCK PHOTO

CHATHAMPORT It's the time of year for weeding, pruning and a fresh coat of paint, and last week, around 50 volunteers from CARE for the Cape and Islands converged on the Chatham Marconi Maritime Center for a spring spruce-up.

Designed to provide service opportunities for visitors to the Cape, CARE is now in its fifth year, Executive Director Jill Talladay said. Among those taking part in the clean-up at the Marconi Center were volunteers from organizations that have received grant support from CARE. For clean-up days, the group chooses locations that “both visitors and residents can experience,” she said.

For funding and other support, CARE partners with local businesses that predominantly serve the visitor population. The group’s first partnership was with the Wequassett Inn, which donates a portion of the room fees from guests who choose certain environmentally friendly options.

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