State Senate Recognizes Jimmy Marceline's Contributions

By: William F. Galvin

James Marceline listens attentively to debate during the 2014 annual town meeting.  FILE PHOTO

HARWICH — The Massachusetts Senate has recognized the community contributions of Jimmy Marceline, adjourning its March 12 session in his memory. Mr. Marceline died on Jan., 28 at the age of 92.

Mr. Marceline, a decorated veteran of World War II, dedicated his life to country and community. After returning home from war, where he suffered as a prisoner of war, Mr. Marceline spent the remainder of his life improving his community. The Senate Journal for March 12 cites Mr. Marceline's service in WWII and his commitment to family, work and community.

“Mr. Marceline is remembered for his passion for local government, community involvement, and making a true difference for his town and country. He has been described as Harwich's most revered citizen, and will be missed by many. May he rest in peace, having lived a full life and leaving a remarkable legacy,” stated the Senate Journal entry prepared by Cape and Islands Senator Julian Cyr, D-Truro.

The Journal that states Mr. Marceline became one of Harwich's biggest landowners. He founded Marceline Salvage and Trucking and was one of the first to be inducted into the Harwich High School Hall of Fame in 2005 based on his record as a strong supporter of the Harwich School system, his role in the opening of Cranberry Valley Golf Course and his work in establishing the Cape Cod Regional Technical High School.

The Journal points out that the technical high school was built on land owned by Mr. Marceline, which he sold to the new school district at a severely discounted rate. “There wouldn't be a Cape Cod Tech and we wouldn't be talking about a new Cape Cod Tech in 2020 without James Marceline,” Cape Cod Tech Superintendent Robert Sanborn states in the Journal.

The Journal lauds Mr. Marceline as a relentless advocate for the less fortunate and for the creation of affordable housing for families. It points out he built homes on his properties and rented them to local residents at reasonable rates.

At Harwich's annual town meetings, and as a member of countless town boards, he always respectfully made his voice heard. He also practiced what he preached, the Journal states. “When Mr. Marceline found that Harwich students needed computers to thrive in the modern world he led the effort to call a special town meeting to purchase them for the schools.”

Accordingly, as a mark of respect in memory of James “Jimmy” Marceline, at four minutes before 12 p.m., March 12, on a motion put forth by Senate Republican Leader Bruce Tarr, the session was adjourned in Mr. Marceline's memory. The Senate adjourns every session in memory of a commonwealth resident.