Letters to the Editor, March 29

Look To Kennedy's Words


Hear! Hear! to Anne Broderick for your “Trump Is A Real Leader” letter. Trump’s ideology of less big government interference does indeed help promote self sufficiency. Let so-called liberals look back to president Kennedy’s inauguration words, “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country,” as a point of inspiration if they have difficulty withdrawing from their collective hate attack of Republican ideas and “Trump Derangement Syndrome.”

Claire McDonald


If Sewer Pipes, Why Not Wires?


I applaud the stance shown by The Chronicle  in the March 22 editorial (“Going Underground”).  It would be a wonderful move forward into the 21st century for our town to have the power lines placed underground, for all the reasons cited, not to mention the aesthetic improvement.  One need only drive down our main streets to realize how the utility wires have raped so many formerly lovely old trees.  Many of the existing utility poles lean precariously over the street with two or three "power cans" at the top obviously straining the limits of the pole's load-bearing abilities.
Would it be possible to put the lines underground? If we can install sewer pipes, why not power lines?

Bonnie Hessler
North Chatham


Balloon Ban A Good Start

I have been walking the beaches of Cape Cod for some time now.  While walking, I would stop and pick up a shell or an attractive stone from time to time.  
One day, my friend was going to meet up with her friend at the beach and asked me if I was interested in meeting them for a walk.   I said sure, and went.  When I got there, the two of them were picking up litter.  I was amazed! They found several deflated balloons with string, plastic bags, Styrofoam, shoes, sun glasses, etc.  I couldn't believe it, all the time I was going to the beach, I never saw these things. Why?  I was in my own little world until these two women opened my eyes.   After walking the shore for several hours that day, our bags were full of litter. I now see the beaches differently!
We really need your help in order for this to stop! Not only for now, but for future generations!  This problem needs a wider audience. We need more of us to become aware and active in stopping this before it chokes our entire planet.
Please let's start by not releasing any more balloons in the air! This is a good place to start. They look beautiful and peaceful when they are floating into the air, but in reality they act like a bomb to the earth. These things are not only destructive and dangerous, they also injure or kill!

Dee Shippelhute



More Women Need To Run


“Women hold up half the sky” I have read many times.  But in the U.S. Senate, there are only 19 females,  and although we had a highly qualified woman who ran for president, she lost to a man who does dishonor to the office and our country.

Why is America unable to elect women to higher office? Even Massachusetts,  said to be the most liberal state, is not able to elect a woman governor. When at last we have an excellent senator in Elizabeth Warren,  despite her good work for all  people in the commonwealth, money from outside Massachusetts  is arriving  in an to attempt to prevent her from serving another term.

Perhaps we can learn  from the Nordic country of Iceland, which has Katrin  Jakobsdottir as prime minister.  She is “forging ahead” with proposals to make  her country  carbon free by 2040, while President Trump withdrew from the Paris climate agreement of 2015. Iceland may be small, but at least  it is making change.

March is National Women’s month.  We should be thinking about the possibility of electing women to more offices.  This should be Women’s Year!

Juliet R. Bernstein



Gratitude From The Nash Family


We have been deeply touched over the course of these four years by the love and support given to Jesse and our entire family, as those who knew him, and those who only knew of him, were moved to lend themselves in a variety of ways to make him feel special and cared for.

I can say with great certainty that every gesture, big or small, was noticed and appreciated by our family and by Jesse as well.

From the Touch-a-Truck, the April Fools' Plunge, his induction as fire chief, to delicious meals and thoughtful cards from his classmates and his church friends and those other special individuals living among us, you all have made a tremendous impact on our family and in Jesse’s life. I can say with the same amount of certainty how much it all helped to maintain his strength, and our strength as well, to carry us through very intense times.

We continue to feel blessed through our community of people that gave of themselves to create such a beautiful celebration in honor of Jesse’s life on Saturday, March 17. It was absolutely perfect. As we learn to adjust to a different life now, we will carry the encouragement and good spirit along with us that our community so willingly filled us up with.

Caroline Nash