Letters to the Editor, March 1

Takes Issue With Developer Opinion


In my opinion, we are indeed fortunate to have “David Oppenheim and his kind” in our community!

David “and his kind” have been developers...of programs and agencies that have enhanced the quality of life for all in our community. They are programs and agencies that support day care, youth development, the needs of those who might need food, empowerment of women, the fishing community, workforce housing, and kids who might need some gifts at Christmas time!

I, for one, am very happy and proud to live in a community that has “David Oppenheim and his kind” (who are all those businesses and citizens throughout the community) that are plain and simply...kind!

Richard Brothers



Solve Erosion Now!


Should Barnstable County consider purchasing cheap foreign sand for Cape Cod erosion control purposes?


Ronald Beaty


Editor's note: Ronald Beaty is a Barnstable County Commissioner.


Garden Club Offers Thanks


The Garden Club of Harwich wishes to thank Lincoln Hooper, Director of Highways & Maintenance, Town of Harwich, and Shaws Supermarket for their generous assistance this past Holiday Season. Shaws Supermarket kindly provided the wreaths, which our members decorated to reflect the joy of the Holidays. At Lincoln Hooper’s direction, the Highway Department gave their valuable time and their much appreciated efforts to hang the wreaths.

The end result was that Harwich was, again, gaily decorated for the Holiday Season. The Garden Club of Harwich recognizes and acknowledges all who helped create a beautiful Holiday Season in the Harwiches.

Rita Bock, President

The Garden Club of Harwich


A Teacher's Desperation


Here I am, completely and utterly broken and at a loss for what to say and do. I am seeing so many powerful messages being shared by my Facebook friends, and each and every one is hitting me harder and harder.

But I think what is making me cry so much right now is the fact that my co-teacher and I felt the need to practice our lock down drill today, with our 29 little five- and six-year-olds, in a place that is supposed to feel safe when they may not have any other place like that in their lives. Where they are supposed to grow, have fun, and learn?

Instead, we have to teach them and have them practice how to prepare for a situation like this. It has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world to watch the fear and worry grow in a young student’s eyes as they begin to understand we have to do these drills because the real thing keeps happening.

I can’t help but feel so infuriatingly useless. I’m searching for ways I can do something, ANYTHING, to make a change. But it’s difficult to remain hopeful that something will be done when this country apparently cares more about the right to have guns and assault rifles than about children’s lives. Their futures. It’s a very challenging task to carry on and not give up.


Brittany Langlois

Sacramento, Calif., and Harwich

Editor's note: Brittany Langlois is an elementary school teacher in California and a Chatham High School graduate.


Hooray For U.S. Women's Hockey Team!


Watching the Olympics this past month has been a fun way to pass the dreary month of February on Cape Cod. However, Wednesday night’s women’s hockey game was a highlight of the Olympics for sure! Way to go U.S. women!

The team is made up of a combination of college players and former Olympians who now play for the U.S.A. Hockey. Clearly they had what it takes to defeat the Canadian powerhouse whose long tenure of winning gold was hard to beat. As a parent of five grown children that include four former hockey players, I could not have been more proud of these fine young women. Massachusetts was well represented on the team with players from our cities, towns and colleges.

As a family, our connection to the women’s Olympic hockey team goes way back. Not only were my girls raised watching the women compete during the Olympics but there were a handful of summers that were punctuated by our annual trip to Lake Placid to attend girls hockey camp coached by the Olympians themselves! My girls, now in their early twenties, grew up treasuring their hockey camp days and the things they learned on the ice in Lake Placid. My memories of motherhood include many hours shivering in a rink cheering the girls on. Somehow hockey gave them an edge in life: a grit and grace that followed them into adulthood. But most of all it gave them the life lesson of friendship and unselfish teamwork. “There is no 'I' in team” was a favorite saying in our house.

If you are a parent reading this and you have children, get them involved in a sport, whether it be a town-sponsored team sport or and individual sport like running, track or karate. There are life lessons to be learned, time to be spent in the car together, and friendships to be made.

Thank you, U.S. Women’s Hockey Team. You did us proud!

Kathleen Phelan

North Chatham


Zoning Bylaw Protects Chatham's Character


A recent letter to the editor went to great lengths to defend the planning board’s latest proposal regarding Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). But the real intent was self-serving in that the writer is a developer and sees huge profit in the town-wide construction of these ADUs.

We have been told for many years that Chatham is close to “build out."  So, what does a developer do?  Well, why not allow - by right - every lot in the town to have a second single family house built on it? That would keep the developers busy and the money flowing in.  ADUs can be apartments within the principal dwelling, but they can also be built as free-standing structures.  Make this a town of duplexes or two-family zoning?  Is that what we want?

I strongly disagree that our protective zoning bylaw is too restrictive. It has served us well in our efforts to maintain the special character of Chatham.  I also disagree that concerned citizens should be condemned for speaking out against what they believe will erode that character.  It’s not as if they did not attempt to work with the planning board on this.  Instead, the planning board listened to a lobbyist for the Cape and Islands Association of Realtors who pushed them to incorporate the worst features of every other ADU bylaw that has been passed. Maybe instead of listening to a lobbyist our planning board should listen to our residents.

 I seriously hope the planning board will start representing citizens’ interest instead of the developers’. Time will tell.

Judy Patterson



Here's What He's Done


Unemployment is down across all ethnic groups. Wages are rising for the first time in years. Businesses are reinvesting. Offshore money is coming back. Major tax cuts for the American people. Focus groups at the White House to come up with gun violence solutions. How can you say he is not for the American people?
On at least three occasions, he has admitted that there was Russian Interference in our electoral process. You might need to find better news sources.

David Carnes


True Blue Ed Collins


Ed Collins the true American gentleman with all the goodness one could imagine. He was a bit of Gary Cooper, Henry Fonda, Gregory Peck and William Holden. Decent, humble and genuinely true to the American spirit that we all dream of.
He helped me put together our yearbooks for the writing group. His car was always immaculate when we went to the printer. His house the same. He wrote reams of poetry full of short, poignant stories with incisive insights into human nature. Lots of color and lots of kindness, a true gentleman's glimpse of our American life. He finally put some of them into his book of poetry.
And yes, Ed Collins was a vital part of the Hubble Spacecraft Program, writing their script for the world. How important was that to the world and to us? How would we ever have known from him what an important part he played, because he was Ed. It was simply what he did and that is all he thought about it. It was his job. How American is that?
He and Bev had three boys, no girls for Bev, as feminine as one could be, planning her glorious garden which Ed put into exquisite watercolors. Bev in her own right is a talented weaver and knitter. Creative duo.
Ed, my loyal friend, one could always count on. I may never find such a friend. Thank you, Ed. Thank you, Bev.

Fleur Jones