Monomoy Girls Soldier On In Loss To Falmouth

By: Kat Szmit

Topics: School Sports , Sports , Basketball

Monomoy's Maggie Dever (2) takes it to the hoop for the Sharks against Falmouth, while teammate Kelsey Olson (1) lends support. Kat Szmit Photo


HARWICH – The Monomoy girls basketball team might have found themselves overmatched by a tough Falmouth team on Monday, but that didn't stop the Sharks from giving it their all in the 58-15 loss.

Scoring proved elusive for the home team, who put forth a valiant effort in spite of a decidedly lopsided game. Mackenzie Balfour led the way with five points for Monomoy, which also saw successful shots from Maddie Leonard (one 3-pointer), Leah Nash and Maddie Crossen (two points each), and Aleidy Rodriguez-Minaya (one point). Nash also had five rebounds and a steal, while Maggie Dever had four rebounds and a steal.

Monomoy worked to hold off their Falmouth opponents from the start of game play, and initially succeeded, allowing the Clippers just 15 points in the opening frame, but Falmouth proved dominant, extending an early lead by leaps and bounds as the outing continued on Feb. 19.

Working against the Sharks was the absence of key players Caitlin Daley and Caroline DiGiovanni, both of whom are away during school vacation.

“It shortens the bench,” said Monomoy head coach Pete Richer.

Richer gave kudos to a pair of players on the Monomoy squad, Kelsey Olson and Maggie Dever, but said the praise belonged to the Clippers.

“Kelsey Olson gave it her best,” Richer said. “She hustled like crazy, and that was noteworthy, and Maggie Dever did a pretty good job handling the ball, but the shout-out goes to Falmouth. They're great ballplayers. They're just a great team. Very aggressive, very quick, and very, very well coached. They give us something to aspire to be.”

Next up for Monomoy is their final game of the 2017-2018 season at D-Y, which Richer hopes will be a more evenly matched event. Game time is set for 7 p.m. in South Yarmouth.