Letters to the Editor, Jan. 4

There Is A Santa Claus


Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Yes, Virginia (the country, actually), there is a Santa Claus (and hope). Merry Christmas!

Paul Nahass



First Night Takes Two Towns


How does a small town like Chatham continue to produce one of the longest running and most successful First Night celebrations in the country? The answer is that it takes two towns, Chatham and Harwich, working together as they do in the Monomoy Regional School System, the newcomers groups, and other areas and organizations. As co-chairperson of First Night Chatham, I depend upon the generosity and dedication of volunteers from both towns. In fact, my co-chair, Pam Williams, is from Harwich.

We want to extend many thanks to those of you who have helped to make our schedule ready to greet the thousands of people who enjoyed Sunday’s celebration.

Carol Kolb

South Chatham


Support Our Natural Environment


Why is it that we feel the need to strip our natural environment by clearing virgin land for facilities like a needed new senior center and for scarce affordable housing? With immediate pressures on land development during this favorable economy, town officials should consider purchasing existing developed land to create these needed resources. There is only so much undisturbed native land left, which supports the natural ecosystem which helps all of us.

On a separate note, as I drove through downtown Chatham yesterday I noticed the fake Christmas wreaths up on the utility poles. I know a gentleman donated the money needed to purchase real Balsam wreaths in the past which looked wonderful. Displaying real wreaths in our most cherished downtown supports tree farming, helps our natural environment, and is so much more pleasing to the eye. It is time for the Chatham Merchants Association and or the town to collaborate to improve the holiday decorations next year by beautifying downtown with all-natural flora.

 Robert Del Vecchio



Cooperative Effort Made It Happen


When someone has helped another person in time of need, it is customary to send "A Note of Thanks," but for the amount of help the Eldredge family has received from both David Oppenheim and the town of Chatham, we feel a letter to the editor is more appropriate.
To begin, the town of Chatham and Mr. Oppenheim deserve our highest esteem for helping us to accomplish a monumental task: making sure the wishes of our dad were brought to fruition in the handling of our family's long-time beloved property. Without the wisdom of the town's delegates, and the expertise of Mr. Oppenheim, we are not certain this endeavor would have happened. Mr. Oppenheim gave countless hours of hands-on help and direction without asking for anything in return, and the town made every effort to accommodate the requests made of them in a timely fashion.
In today's hectic world, it isn't easy to find such support and guidance. It's very comforting to know that such camaraderie exists within the wonderful town of Chatham and the heart of David Oppenheim.

Sharon Kaplowitz

The Eldredge Family



Happy Perihelion Day, Everyone!

Perihelion Day is Jan. 3 when the earth in its elliptical orbit is closest to the sun. The Dec. 21 delightful nature column Monomoyick by Andrew Buckley, “On The Solstice,” contains a serious but commonly found error needing correction: “Now our star is at its greatest distance from us.” No. Definitely not. Our winter solstice occurred on Dec. 21 because the 23-degree tilt of the earth's rotation axis was then inclined farthest from the sun.

Al Rosenberg