Letters to the Editor, Dec. 14

Winter Concert A Wonderland


The annual Winter Concert was held Thursday, Dec. 7 at the Monomoy Regional High School in Harwich.

Shame on you if you did not make the effort to attend. The program included selected holiday music, much in an upbeat, modern presentation. Music from the Jazz Band, 8-9 Band, Women’s A Capella, Combined Choirs, 10-12 Band and Select Choir highlighted the two-hour program.

There were so many wonderful efforts, it would not be fair to single them out. However, the presentations of “Silent Night” and “Ding-a-Ding-a-Ding” sung in almost total darkness were truly ethereal. All the young students should be rightfully proud of the total program.

None of this could or would happen without dedicated leadership. What can you say about the energy and creativity of Music Department Director Rosemarie Richard. Kudos!

A true jazz musician, Wayne Naus, volunteers his musical genius to support the Jazz Band. Great!

A wonderful pianist and Harwich High School graduate, Chris Morris, provided special accompaniment to several musical numbers. Super!

Again, shame on you if you missed this evening of musical magic.

Jack and Suzy McDowell



It Takes A Senior Center


As a senior citizen I read with interest the various options put forth for the location of the new Chatham senior center. I find it ironic that the Middle Road location was discounted for various reasons, one being the odors coming from the transfer station and water treatment plant.

Living on West Pond Road, my neighbors and I have repeatedly reported and complained about the noise and odors coming from the transfer station. Apparently this would be a problem for the few hours my fellow seniors visited the center, but for those of us living with it 24/7, it's fine.

Warren Falwell

West Chatham

Editor's note: The Middle Road site is one of several still being studied by the town staff and has not yet been discounted as a location for a new senior center.


West Harwich Schoolhouse Matters


Sometimes words and deeds fail to illuminate, and such is the case in Harwich.

Goodbye historic West Harwich schoolhouse, slated to be demolished at a cost of $30,000, keeping the land for a probable recharge site.

If the demolishing of the exchange building still racks us with guilt, what do you think this action will do? The Route 28 revamp plans with a brick inlay circle and walkway was meant to highlight the area of the school. Now will it point to an empty lot or sewer recharge?

A town has a soul; ours is failing in this regard.

You cannot teach the eyes to see possibility or to understand the importance of our culture and heritage if only numbers and expenses dictate. I cannot change that. It is sad for all of us and a detriment to our future and that of our children.

Gift the West Harwich schoolhouse to the citizens who endorsed its preservation by vote of town meeting this year. This is a legal and viable option. Honor those who taught there and those students who learned and enriched our town. In the meantime please patch the roof and protect an asset that has already seen an investment of our CPC money.

This place matters.

Sally Urbano



Pond Shoreline Is A Mess


I am saddened to see how over-development has ruined Harwich's Long Pond. The shoreline along Route 124 is littered with abandoned docks, tipped over boats, lawn chairs, barbecues, and other assorted flotsam and junk. The beach on Long Pond Drive has become a motorized launching pad, and there are boat anchor floats everywhere. Presumably the town of Harwich has chosen to invite this mess. I'm just a visitor, and certainly OK with motorized use, but some regulatory control is needed lest Cape Cod wants to become what people come here to escape.


Art Copoulos

Anchorage, Alaska