Letters to the editor, Dec. 7

AOC Helps With Bell-weather Recovery


I have had the good fortune to lead one of the quirkiest clubs available in any high school for well over a decade. The Monomoy Ringers are a wonderful group of students who volunteer their time and talent to perform handbells throughout the community. Because we are not a regular part of the music department we rely on donations and grants to help us cover our expenses. What we weren't expecting this year was to come back to find that the ceiling in our storage room collapsed, destroying the foam pads and coverings needed to protect the bells while playing. What could have been the event that ended our run for good did not turn out that way thanks to the Art of Charity Foundation. They arrived on the scene in 1994 to support our schools, and the opportunities they have provided are critical for providing the enriching experiences our students deserve. Our new pads arrive soon. Thank you for keeping our handbells ringing!

Rachel Barnes



Keep Seniors In Town Center


To me it’s a no-brainer that the new COA building belongs on the empty field immediately behind the community center, connected by a covered walkway between them. With a two-story building, there might still be room for minor play by the young. Let’s keep senior activities near the center of town.

J. Denis Glover



Praise For Treasure Chest Workers

I am responding to the article “Treasure Chest Under New Scrutiny” in the Nov. 22 edition.

It would be heartbreaking for this source of clothing and goods to be closed.
I am part of what is called Izzy's team that works out of the Pilgrim Congregational Church in Harwich Port. Izzy Thompson works tirelessly and drives to Hyannis every Wednesday to deliver these goods to shelters as well as the organization called Homeless not Hopeless.
The Treasure Chest volunteers work hard and often save items for us, like backpacks, toaster ovens, hats and gloves for all of these organizations. So what if the workers occasionally take an item and put it in their cars! They are paid nothing!

Pamela Chatterton-Purdy
Harwich Port


Whole Lot Of Kindness


Our thanks to David and Gail Oppenheim, Shane Coughlin and the Wayside Inn staff and the Chatham Merchants’ Association for bringing the holiday spirit front and center last week at the annual Merchants’ Wish List Party at the Wild Goose Tavern.

Local merchants and community members selected wish list items to donate to make the holiday season a little brighter for more than 75 Chatham children and their families.

Thank you for your generosity, giving spirit and your help to make our town a special place to live, work and celebrate.

Pat Vreeland, Theresa Malone

The Chatham Children’s Fund Holiday Team


Where's The Conflict Of Interest?


After reading Dan Desmond’s Nov. 24 letter to the editor, I was once again amazed by the controversy the town can create in a simple matter such as choosing an advisory committee on the future use of the Eldredge Garage property. The selectmen rejected two abutters because the proximity of their houses to the garage represented a “conflict of interest.” All other applicants were accepted, even those merchants who had spoken out publicly that they wanted the property used as a parking lot for shoppers.

Why are the selectmen trying so hard to keep abutters off the committee? The goal of the conflict of interest law is to ensure fair decisions, particularly where money or family relationships are involved. Interpreting a “conflict of interest” law as an excuse to leave the guy across the street off an advisory committee is nonsensical, to say the least.

We cannot expect to make measured, rational and non-controversial decisions about the future of our town unless our committees include representatives from all segments of the community and all points of view. Rational discussion and compromise are easier at the committee level than at 5 o'clock on a Tuesday afternoon in a selectmen’s meeting room full of angry people who feel they have been left out.

Carol Pacun



Thanks To Good Samaritan


I want to thank the person who turned in my wallet at the Chatham Village Market. God bless you!

Jenny Ludwig

Is Cape Cod In Peril?


I am writing in response to a letter from Sally Urbano (chair of the Harwich Housing Authority) stating that Cape Cod was in peril. I was so upset by the letter and the obvious feelings from Mrs. Urbano that her claim to the Cape should be put high above and prioritized over new persons moving to the Cape. Since when do we get to be so high and mighty regarding people seeking the same wonderful location that we enjoy. I have heard all she and her husband had to say and do to have the town reject the Habitat project and provide an unlimited budget to fix a rundown building off Route 28. In many reports, I listened to many falsehoods corrected and brought to the attention of the audience. I for one would like to share the blessings we have on the Cape and don't have any burning desire to chase anyone that has the nerve to want to live here away from this wonderful area. Thanks for our good luck to live here. I would also request that The Chronicle add any board affiliations with the letters to help to know who represents us.


Joan McCarty

Harwich Port