Kat's Pause: Pat On The Back

By: Kat Szmit

Topics: School Sports , Sports

It's never easy being “that school.” You know, the one with the sports teams boasting records that elicit either pity or mockery. Until recently, Monomoy was that school. But thanks to the dedication of numerous student athletes, things are changing, and it's time to give yourselves a pat on the back.

While this is certainly a shout out to each of the athletes that competed for and on Monomoy teams, I want to shine a little extra light on those in the Class of 2018, for it is these athletes that have been swimming as Sharks the longest so far, and who have dedicated themselves to improving not only their respective teams, but also the athletic program as a whole.

Need examples? There are many, including the girls soccer team, which simply dominated this season, playing to an overall record of 13-3-2 that not only earned them the No. 1 seed in Div. 4 South, but also won them the Cape and Islands League Championship. Then there is the football team with a 7-4 overall record, the winningest team in program history, not to mention their inaugural foray into the playoffs. Meanwhile, the cheerleading squad made it to regionals this year thanks to strong performances learned through intense practices, and the field hockey team won the Cape and Islands League, with Emma Mawn being named the league MVP.

Boys golf has seen tremendous success, as has the 2017 cross-country team that saw several runners venture to the state competition, and should the boys and girls basketball teams perform as well or better than last season, opponents will be put on notice.
These successes have come as the result of tireless efforts by the student athletes that comprise the teams, many of whom are seniors who have weathered all manner of changes, including new coaches, new leagues, and, on occasion, a new sport.

Let's note that high school athletics is not the only item on the agendas of these students. Many of them have jobs, and all of them have many hours worth of homework to complete on a regular (if not nightly) basis. To say they've got a lot going on is an understatement.
So why the seniors? Because they set the tone. Established the trends. Paved the proverbial pathways. They decided to put Monomoy on the map and did so through hours of hard work that often started long before their respective seasons began. They aspired to be better and ensured that they, as well as their teams, were, and by doing so will be leaving legacies of success.

They also did so by choosing to remain at (or return to) Monomoy. While school choice would allow them to go to pretty much any school they wanted, at heart they are Sharks. Because of that, future successes will be able to be forever traced back to today's student athletes, the ones that are taking Monomoy away from being “that school” and making it the school where history is made with each new season.