Join Us In 'Helping Neighbors'

Topics: Hunger

Jay Herzog and Christine Menard set up the pie station for Sunday's special food distribution. DEBRA DeCOSTA PHOTO

Here at The Chronicle, we don't have to look far for reasons to be thankful. We're grateful for our loyal readers, our family of fine staff and talented contributors, and the advertisers who make the whole operation possible.

But this time of year, we've got an extra reason to be thankful. Each year, you – our readers – join us in supporting the Family Pantry of Cape Cod through our Helping Neighbors campaign. We're always moved and astounded by your generosity. Some of the donations are large, clearly given by people of means; others are small gifts from people who are, themselves, keeping their heads above water. All of the contributions are heartfelt and significant.

In our mailboxes, on television and the radio and on the Internet, we're under siege right now by worthy charities raising money for every manner of good deed. There's no shortage of laudable nonprofits to support. We're proud to stand behind the Family Pantry, which has a track record of compassion, a knack for efficiency, and a culture that honors both its volunteers and the people who come seeking help.

In the next few weeks, we'll be featuring stories about the people who keep the Family Pantry running year-round. We'll describe how toys collected by the Family Pantry fill the stockings of local kids, and how – more importantly – bags of groceries fill their growing bodies with nutritious food. We'll also introduce you to a client or two who will share their own stories.

So, once again, we're inviting you to join us in supporting the Family Pantry of Cape Cod. Click here to find out how.

Happy Thanksgiving!