Grenade Found In Atwood House Collection Found To Be Safe

By: Tim Wood

Chatham Police Sergeant William Glover examines a World War I-era grenade with Atwood House and Museum's Janet Marjollet, head of the costumes and textiles department. COURTESY PHOTO

CHATHAM – A World War I-era grenade discovered Thursday at the Chatham Historical Society's Atwood House and Museum was found to contain no explosives and deemed safe for display.

The grenade was found while museum officials were updating a recent exhibit on “Chatham in the Military.” It had apparently been stored in the museum's basement archives for decades.

“The first thing we wanted to know was if it is safe,” Museum Executive Director Danielle Jeanloz said in a statement. “And if it is, could we display it?”

The grenade was examined by Chatham Police Sergeant William Glover who found that although the device retained its pin, there was no explosive inside.

Chatham resident Alice Guild, a columnist for the Chatham Monitor in the 1920s, donated the grenade to the museum, according to its archives.

The museum is currently closed for renovations to the Atwood House foundation, but volunteers and staff are working to refresh exhibits for the museum's holiday opening. The grenade will be included in the “Chatham in the Military” exhibit when the museum reopens Dec. 9.