Our View: Support Cape Tech Building Project

Each week, the most consequential stories in the pages of The Chronicle are ones related to sustainability. Whether it's about wastewater treatment, waterways infrastructure, municipal finance or roads and bridges, the debate is always about providing for the needs of the next generation of people who will call this place home.

And so the proposed Cape Tech building project isn't just about education or the tax rate: it's ultimately about sustainability.

If your children are already grown, or if your primary home is elsewhere, you might be forgiven for wondering how a new technical high school building might improve your life. We'll tell you.

For Cape Cod to continue being a place where people can live year-round, it needs a population of young people who can provide essential services for the community. They're the people who prune our trees, care for our elders in nursing homes, cut our hair, build, wire and plumb our houses and fix our cars. They also shop here, buy homes here, and pay property taxes here. And without them, the Cape's economic engine simply cannot function.

We're confident that the building project, as proposed, will provide the best benefits for students with a tax impact that is fair. Towns that send more students to the school each year will rightly pay a greater portion of the tab. But all of the towns in the district will pay a share, and all will benefit by making sure we have a robust, home-grown workforce.

On Oct. 24, we urge you to join us in voting to support the Cape Tech building project. We also urge Harwich voters to approve the debt exclusion question for the project when they go to the polls.