Letters to the Editor, Oct. 12

ClamBQ Thanks All You, Too


On behalf of the Orleans Chamber of Commerce, I would like to thank the community for its support to make ClamBQ, the Orleans Food and Music Festival, a success.

Thank you, town of Orleans selectmen and municipal staff, Nauset Public Schools, Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office, and Orleans Bowling Center for helping us again.

Thank you to our official sponsors: Agway of Cape Cod, Cape Cod Five, Friends’ Marketplace, Nauset Disposal and Wicked Local Cape Cod; our premier sponsors, The Cape Codder, The Cape Cod Chronicle, Cape Cod Media Group, Cape Cod Radio.com, Cove Road Real Estate, WOMR/WFMR; presenting sponsors Hole In One Restaurant, Hot Chocolate Sparrow, Mahoney’s Atlantic, Nauset Marine, oldCape Sotheby’s, Paraclete Press; major sponsors Atlantic Payroll and Steven M. Ellard, CPA, The Cove Motel, D’Elia and Cavanaugh, The Farm, MidCape Home Centers, Wilkinson Ecological Design; and to our supporting sponsors: The Academy of Performing Arts, Advanced Family Dentistry of Cape Cod, Aline Architecture, Animal Hospital of Orleans, ColeWebDev, Crane Appliance, Desmond Well Drilling, First Citizens Federal Credit Union, HUB International, the knack, The Local Scoop and Snow’s Home and Garden.

Thank you to our beverage sponsor Hog Island Beer Co. and our seafood sponsor Nauset Fish and Lobster Pool.

Thank you, Grab Brothers, Wicked Rooster, Goff Brothers Construction Co., Salt Block Food Truck, The Big Squeeze, The Buzzzz Bus, Orleans Firebirds, Matthew Dunn, Joseph F. Rego, Jr. and Sons, Cape Rental World, Robbie Jarvis Sound and Lighting and Bayside Tent for helping us produce the ClamBQ.

We are also grateful to the ClamBQ task force, Chamber staff and the 60-plus Clam-B-Crew volunteers for their dedication!

We are appreciative of all the event attendees. We hope they had a wonderful time, and we look forward to seeing them at the ClamBQ again on Sept. 29, 2018.

Noelle Pina, executive director

Orleans Chamber of Commerce


Make America Great Again


First, of course, my heart is tinged with sadness for the recent deaths and woundings in Las Vegas. The fact that a single shooter with 23 automatic or semi-automatic weapons from a perfect vantage point and a victim-mass of 22,000 people was only able to kill 59 and wound not even 600 is a sad commentary on the present day state of gun freedom in the United States. Even a back-water Scandinavian country out-kills us in a mass shooting with 77 (granted on an island where escape was limited, meaning an asterisk in the record books). Why is it with American know-how and the backing of the NRA our mass shootings are still unable to reach the magic “100” plateau? Possibly we need help like the “silencer legislation” that the Republicans are so ardently pushing in Congress (or were until a few days ago). These silencers, being able to mute the sound of firepower down to only a jackhammer level, might have the ability to add a couple of dozen more numbers to the body count, but until Wayne LaPierre and the NRA can break the stifling atmosphere that continually impedes legislation designed to free up access to even something as harmless as a semi-automatic assault weapon, America will continue to be a second rate reckoning force. Where are the Sylvester Stallone-style rocket launchers that could truly put the U.S. back on top where it counts, in body counts? With a little help from this Congress, we can make America great again. Without it...so close, but still not there. Sad!

Otis Russell



Great Pumpkins For Charity


On Saturday, Oct. 1, a group of people assembled at the First Congregational Church of Chatham to unload a semi packed to the brim with pumpkins. Big, beautiful, heavy pumpkins. Church members, friends, family members and very importantly, Boy and Girl Scouts from the community cheerfully pitched in to carry, roll and spread tons of pumpkins across the lawn.

The Pumpkin Patch is a huge effort for our church, and the benefits are widespread. The pumpkins are grown in New Mexico on a Navajo reservation, which creates jobs there. Our proceeds go to charities in the community, notably the Chatham Children’s Fund (and, depending on results, also Independence House and the Lower Cape Outreach Council). Last year, the program raised over $7,500 for charity.

We could not do this without our customers in the community, of course. But we would really like to say a special and heartfelt thank you to the Scouts, who generously donated their young muscles and time to help unload that truck. The truck driver—witnessing the beehive of activity—said to our pastor, “I told my wife that if we ever move, I want to move to Chatham. The people here are so nice!”

Yes, you are. Thank you!

Alison Kaar, chair

Missions Committee

First Congregational Church of Chatham


Take Action For The Future


Thirty years ago George H. W. Bush proposed that the U.S. be a “kinder gentler nation,” yet today we legitimately fear nuclear engagement, as Juliet Bernstein points out. Ms. Bernstein’s keen analysis has for years offered a personal, thoughtful and humanitarian point of view, and her concern for our planet, its citizens and children especially, is greatly appreciated.

At present, being a long way from JFK and “41’s” philosophy of compassion and service, it’s imperative that folks apply whatever skill set they possess to help change the current trajectory. Silence only emboldens bullies, and words as well as actions can detonate a fuse. “Such rhetoric has caused wars,” Bernstein says, and this one General Kelly may not be able to extinguish. Diplomacy is crucial. Please write or call the House and Senate to support Representative Ted Lieu’s and Senator Ed Markey's Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act (Companion bills H.R.669 and S.200). Our children’s lives depend on us.

Diane Troy

South Chatham


Ban Balloons Now, Not Later


Of course the Chatham Selectmen should prohibit the sale of helium balloons...now! Since there is no disagreement that these balloons injure and kill wildlife and that many other communities have already banned the sale of helium balloons, what are our selectmen waiting for? What will parents say to their kids? "We knowingly allowed these sales which killed animals, so you could briefly enjoy a balloon?" Hopefully the Masons will choose a more environmentally friendly item for their fundraiser before next summer.

Merry Dahms

South Chatham


Appreciating FISH Volunteers

Chatham FISH held a volunteer appreciation event on Oct. 4 to thank all of our terrific volunteers. FISH is a service that provides Chatham residents in need with transportation assistance to medical appointments anywhere on the Cape.
We would like to acknowledge Broad Reach Healthcare management and the reception staff for providing year-round assistance with call intake. The United Methodist Church also graciously allowed us to use their Fellowship Hall as the host site for our luncheon. Several Chatham and other local businesses supported this event with contributions coming from A Great Yarn, BJ's, Hyannis, Chatham Motor Service, Chatham Perk, Chatham Village Market, Meservey's Shell, West Chatham, Shaw's Market, Harwich Port, and Stop and Shop, East Harwich.
With the help of local businesses and organizations listed above, we were able to thank our very dedicated volunteers. It is our dispatchers and drivers who willingly and generously provide their time for this much needed service in Chatham.
If you would like to be a driver or dispatcher for Chatham FISH, you can reach us through Broad Reach Healthcare at 508-945-4611. As a volunteer, the time and extent of commitment is up to you.

Jean Williams

Jan Whittaker
Chatham FISH co-coordinators