Boats Kept On Beaches Now Require Town Stickers

By: Cape Cod Chronicle

Boats like these along the shore at Forest Beach will now require town-issued stickers.

CHATHAM – If you want to leave your sailboat, kayak or canoe on a town beach, you'll have to get a sticker for it.

Much like stickers are required for boats kept at town landings, boats kept along the shore at town beaches will now require a town-issued sticker. The move is designed to try to get a handle on the boats kept at beaches and to clear away unused or derelict vessels.

“We just want to know whose boats are out there, so if they get lost, turn up washed away, there's some way to identify them,” said Parks and Recreation Director Dan Tobin.

Park and Recreation Commission Chairman Meredith Fry told selectmen last week the department has received “many complaints” about boat on the beaches, “particularly sailboats, kayaks and sailboards.” Tobin said many of the complaints were from beach users about boats encroaching on beach space at smaller beaches like Forest Beach and Pleasant Street Beach.

Boats must be off the beaches by Nov. 1.

“All boats left on town beaches without stickers and boats left behind will be confiscated by the town,” Fry said.

Tobin said there are currently no limits on boats being stored on town beaches. “We're not restricting them at this point,” he said, but if storage grows or boats are found to be damaging dunes and beach vegetation, limits may be put in place.

There is no charge for the stickers, which can be obtained at the community center. Owners fill in their name and contact information and attach the sticker to the boat.