Another Shark Poached From 'Sharks In The Park'

By: Alan Pollock

Topics: Police, Fire And Harbormaster News , Sharks , Chatham Merchants Association

The shark, poached from the front lawn of the Eldredge Public Library. CMA PHOTO

CHATHAM — Yet another shark sculpture from the Chatham Merchants' Association's “Sharks in the Park” display has reportedly been pilfered.

The association reported Sunday that the sculpture, painted by artist Tilda Bystrom and sponsored by Pine Acres Realty, was stolen at around 11:15 Saturday night. A reward is being offered for tips that lead to the return of the shark, and the association reports that there are security camera images of the alleged thief and his female accomplice.

A posting by the association on Facebook asked for the shark sculpture to be returned, and indicated that the association will release photos of the suspects to the media if the culprits do not come forward. Anyone with information about the theft is asked to call 508-945-8847.

A 21-year-old Bellingham, Mass., man was charged following the alleged theft of another shark sculpture on the Fourth of July. Sharks have been taken from the exhibit each year it's been held. All but one have been found and returned. The merchants association holds an online auction at for the five-foot sharks to raise money for the programs it sponsors throughout the year.