Salt Box Truck Relocates To Center Of Harwich Port

By: William F. Galvin

Topics: Harwich Port , Business

The Salt Block Food Truck has relocated to the center of Harwich Port where it will operate throughout the summer. WILLIAM F. GALVIN PHOTO  

HARWICH — The Salt Block Food Truck moved into Harwich Center this week from its former station in the parking lot across from Saquatucket Harbor. The planning board approved the change of location for the special use permit previously granted to Jennifer and Douglas Ramler of Cape Sea Grille, owners of the food truck.

The Ramlers were before the planning board last Tuesday seeking the transfer of location to the site of the former Dino's Restaurant plaza. Planning board member Joseph McParland wanted to know if the truck would be placed at the front of the lot. Jennifer Ramler cited the mulched-in line and split-rail fence in the lot, which defines the outline of the proposed mixed use building to be constructed at the location in the fall.

She said the food truck would be located to the rear of the fenced-in portion of that area and tables would be placed in front of the truck. She said the area has been paved and lined to direct traffic flow.

“It looks great, safe,” she said. “There's no concern about the safety of the people eating there. The split-rail fence looks great.”

She said the new lines and directional arrows for traffic flow in the lot will help the owners get people used to the traffic flow after a new mixed-use building is constructed there (see related story). Planning board member Linda Cebula asked about signage for the parking.

Mark Blaze, project manager, said signage is in the process of being added. He emphasized will be no parking on the entrance to the west side of the lot or along the exist road to the east side. He said it will be a public lot for the summer and they want everyone to move through in an orderly manner.

Town Planner Aly Sabatino told the board the use is allowable in the Village Commercial District, and that no concerns were raised by the fire department, board of health or the building commissioner. The truck will only be there for this year, Sabatino said. She recommended the board condition the permit so it expires when construction begins on the new building, or until Oct. 1, whichever comes first. The board agreed.

Jennifer Ramler said the plan is to provide lunch service as well as operating Wednesday evenings when the chamber of commerce music events are held in the village. It was pointed out there would be no new lighting accompanying the food truck and it would not be stored on the site when not in operation. The planning board issued its approval of the relocation request.