Letters to the Editor, June 8

Try This To Flush With Success


Regarding the May 18 article on extreme water use at Liberty Commons and Chatham Bars Inn due to toilet flushing, we would make the point that toilets are designed to use specific amounts of water per flush to get the job done. Toilet water use can vary significantly.  Older toilets can use three, 3.5, or even up to seven gallons of water for every flush.  Federal plumbing standards now specify that new toilets use only up to 1.6 gallons per flush, and there are highly efficient toilets that use even less. The placing of bricks or other foreign objects in the toilet tanks, or changing the float/water level, to reduce the amount of water per flush, likely will make it necessary to flush a second time, which of course defeats the purpose entirely.  We suggest that Liberty Commons and Chatham Bars Inn replace their existing toilets with these newer toilets for significant water savings.  Surely this would be a worthwhile investment in the future well-being of the town that these two businesses can well afford.

Burd and Jim Schlessinger



Questions Cemetery Maintenance


As a native of Chatham born here in 1938, all of my family's forefathers are interred in Seaside
Cemetery and we were assured the interment was to be cared for. There happens to be a huge issue about the responsibility and reality as to what the term maintenance relates to. My sister has all her life tried to look after this site and has been totally ignored by the cemetery chairman who refuses to find a solution for maintenance of the lots. She has tried all year long to get some help to no avail. Nothing is more disappointed then having people sitting on committees doing zero. These people interned at Seaside deserve more, all of them.

Donald Studley

Ocala, Fla.


Delinquent Tax Collection Will Continue


I’d like to express my appreciation to the taxpayers of Harwich, particularly those who have called, emailed or been into the collector’s office over the past several weeks. You have all been gracious and an absolute pleasure to interact with. Be assured that although the tax lien auction has been delayed, I and my staff fully intend to continue our best efforts at communicating and collecting past and present taxes due to the town in a friendly, professional and courteous manner.
Amy Bullock

Harwich Treasurer/Collector


Middle School Writers Retreat Rocks


On the weekend of June 2 to 4, two of my children participated in the Monomoy Middle School Writer’s Retreat at Cape Cod Sea Camps, one for the third time and the other for the first time. This is such a tremendous opportunity for our students, and I just wanted to take a moment to publicly thank every teacher and staffer who make it possible. It is an amazing growth and leadership experience for these middle schoolers, and I feel so blessed that my children get to take part in it. My younger children can’t wait until it’s their turn to participate! I know it's a great deal of work and time away from their own families for all of the teachers involved, and it is much appreciated.

Joy Jordan