New Downtown Bike Racks Dedicated To Bicycling Enthusiast Tom Patton

By: Tim Wood

Friends of Tom Patton gathered Monday with his wife, Pam (fourth from left) to dedicate new bike racks on Main Street to the memory of the bicycling enthusiast. TIM WOOD PHOTO


CHATHAM – Tom Patton didn't serve on the town's bikeways committee for long, but he had a long history of enthusiasm for bicycling.

On Monday, a crowd gathered at new bicycle racks next to the downtown information booth to remember Mr. Patton and dedicate the new racks to his memory. A small silver plaque declares that the bike racks are “In memory of Tom Patton, Bicycle Enthusiast.”

Mr. Patton passed away while snorkling in Australia in 2015. Had he survived, he would have rode that summer in his 15th Last Gasp bike ride. Over the years he raised thousands of dollars for charity in the Cape fundraiser, said his wife, Pam. The Last Gasp ride that year was dedicated to Mr. Patton, who worked in real estate and was a long-time volunteer for First Night Chatham and other organizations in town.

The new bike racks are of a different design than the traditional long metal structures. The racks are composed of a circle bisected by a vertical post, allowing two bikes to tie up to each. Bike committee member Steve Wardle likened them to hitching posts. The three dedicated to Mr. Patton are located on the east side of the information booth. Four similar bike racks are installed on the west side of the information booth, near the town offices parking lot.