Letters to the Editor, May 25

Cape Community Comes Together for Autism


The Cape Cod community joined Cape Cod Village, a non-profit organization developing innovative housing and support services in Orleans for young adults with autism, on May 5 in Brewster. UnMASKing Autism, a masquerade gala, was the organization’s inaugural “signature” fundraiser.
Cape Cod Technical High School's graphic arts department generously offered their expertise for promotional materials, and The Chatham Candy Manor donated fabulous “chocolate masks” on each table. Many local businesses generously contributed fabulous items to the silent and live auction.
It was a fun, festive and magical event with 180 attendees coming in spectacular and creative masks! We are always interested in those who want to join us in our mission “to meet the ongoing community and residential living needs of adults on the autism spectrum.” Please check out the event at www.capecodvillage.org.

Lauren Jones, LICSW
Co-Founder, Cape Cod Village


If The Old Barn Could Talk


What a wonderful surprise to read in The Chronicle that the old barn on Shattuck Place had received the Preservation Award. Thank you to Lisa and Dana Roy for giving it a new life. If the old barn could talk it would tell stories of happy memories made in it. Plays put on for the neighbors, cars taken apart and rebuilt, boats built for the Fourth of July races, bushes of scallops opened and so many more. We wish the Roy's years of making their own happy memories there.

Barbara Eldredge Stevenson

Brenda Eldredge Cummings

Franklin, N.H.

Restrain Runaway Spending, Please


Congratulations to Mr. Ballantine and Mr. Howell, Harwich's new selectmen.

I would add, however, that it is my hope that our new selectmen will stop the runaway train of endless spending in Harwich.

When my wife and I moved to Harwich from West Dennis, the tax in Harwich was almost four times as much as in Dennis. Since arriving in Harwich, a town we both love, the spending by the town continually increases unabated, as though the word "no" is not in the Harwich vocabulary.

I ask all selectmen to become more fiscally responsible, as projects, however well meaning, need to be examined more carefully and responsibly, as the expenditures in Harwich need more fiscal restraint to lower the ever increasing tax burden.

Robert D. Aron, Ph.D.

Harwich Port


Roadway Project Story Biased


Your correction of the headline about the West Chatham Roadway Project in The Chronicle edition of May 18 was incomplete.  After all, the original headline insinuated that the West Chatham Roadway Project would take “two seasons.” Unlike Chatham “seasons,” MassDOT seasons are a full construction year. A huge difference.  The actual “accelerated” schedule from MassDOT is now two and a half years of construction with a work moratorium only from July 1 to Sept. 13 of each year – dramatically impacting businesses, in both ‘“shoulder" seasons, up and down Route 28.  Construction is proposed to begin on Sept. 13, 2018 with utility work through the winter, and with project completion in February 2021.  That is, if the multiple accelerations outlined and waivers and contingencies are in place.

The photograph chosen for the article was intentionally exaggerated. It shows marked congestion, confusion, and snarled vehicles within the roadway patterns of West Chatham.  In truth, Shop Ahoy and Larry’s PX are almost unrecognizable.  Through the compression of a telephoto lens, the photo was used to demonstrate vehicles in disarray; that impression is far from reality.

Your bias is “glaring.” Readers expect correct and honest coverage on any and all topics. 

David E Burns, MD

West Chatham

Editor's note: Along with a summer moratorium, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation also imposes a winter work moratorium, so that it's construction “season” on the Cape covers the fall and spring, but not the winter and summer. Also, the February completion date in the report referenced above is for contractor field completion; the “substantial completion/full beneficial use” completion date is Nov. 6, 2020.


Offshore Drilling Good For Cape


Approximately one month ago, President Donald Trump signed an executive order that seeks to promote expanded domestic  offshore drilling for oil and gas. 

Is it worth considering? I believe, yes, it is.

Offshore energy production will dramatically reduce the cost of energy, create numerous new jobs, and make  Massachusetts and our nation more secure and much more energy independent. 

According to the American Petroleum Institute, oil  and natural gas development off our Atlantic coast between 2017 and 2035 would create nearly 280,000 new jobs along the East Coast; result in an additional $195 billion in new private investment; contribute up to $23.5 billion per year to the U.S. economy; add 1.3 million barrels of oil equivalent per day to domestic energy production; and generate $51 billion in new revenue for the government. 

In my opinion, yes, we really do need to take a serious look at this golden opportunity, for the sake of Cape Cod, for Massachusetts, and for America.

Ronald Beaty   

Barnstable County Commissioner


Picking On Chatham PAC


Let’s see a show of hands. Those who think PACs are a good thing for Chatham? Or to put it another way, in the vernacular, do we need this PAC like a hole in the head?

Chatham should show its disdain for this level of politics.

John Cotnam



CES Cultural Committee Seeks Help


I am writing to encourage people in our community to join the cultural committee of the Parent Teacher Organization at Chatham Elementary School. As the facilitator of the committee this year, I have been delighted to work with Principal Robin Millen to bring two special assemblies to the school: Cape Cod African Dance and Drum, and storyteller Len Cabral. Both performances brought delight, vibrancy and diversity to our school, and the students will hopefully remember them for a long time to come. The committee is also sponsoring Neal Nichols' Geography Game Show in June.

As my son is graduating from elementary school this year, I will be moving on. Principal Millen and I have been collecting literature from various regional performers, and committee members would have fun vetting performances and working with the principal on whom to bring to the school. Funding can come from the PTO and/or from grants. I would be delighted to orient new committee members before leaving the school at the end of June.

If you are interested, please contact me at heyjennyg@gmail.com. Help expose our students to a wider cultural world!

Jenny Wood



 Disappointed In School District Report

Classy Chatham Town Report. Both covers show how our tax dollars are spent – well spent. The inside – not so great. What happened to the Monomoy Regional School report? It is the report that “wasn't.” It tells the taxpayer little or nothing about the way his tax dollars were spent. It reads like a journalism assignment for a sophomore student.
Surely the taxpayers of Chatham deserve a complete, informative and well-written report.

Norma B. Avellar

Save Monomoy, Don't Attack It

The recent vote in the town of Chatham resulted in a resounding rejection of Seth Taylor and his assault on the Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge. Why is it that you seem to be encouraging the continuance of this misguided fight? Why is it that you continue to use erroneous data and misinformation in your argument?
Over the past 73 years, since the original taking, the island has changed shape and even drifted westward. The original designation took this movement into account. Thus the western boundary was set to accommodate this constantly shifting sand.
The reason that the refuge was established was the recognition of its importance in relation to migrating and nesting birds. The only restriction placed on shellfish harvesting within the western boundary is the protection of horseshoe crabs and mussels. Both of these species are vital to the food supply of nesting and migrating shorebirds and water fowl.
We hope that you will spend a little more time talking to knowledgeable people and stop using false information as your source.
The Monomoy Refuge is second only to the Chatham Light as a place that visitors come to see according to TripAdvisor.
Let's work together to save the Monomoy Refuge, not attack this special place.

Steve Keenan
Friends of Monomoy volunteer