Letters to the Editor, May 18


Candidate Should Be Recognized


The Chronicle, of course, has the absolute right to endorse the selectman candidate of its choice.
What I object to, in your editorial of May 3 is your lack of acknowledgment of the other candidate in this race. Seth Taylor is a hard-working, sometimes-too-outspoken advocate for many in Chatham whose voice would otherwise go unheard. He is diligent in seeking all the facts and raising valid issues that others do not. He has been unjustly vilified during this campaign.
Regardless of the outcome of this race, you should acknowledge Mr. Taylor's commitment to keeping Chatham a desirable place to live.
Shareen Davis has many fine qualities but Seth Taylor has far more experience and knowledge.

Michael Westgate


 Follow Dog Cleanup Rules


Thank you, DeeDee Holt, for calling attention to the dog poop issue in Chatham.

Responsible pet owners in Harwich share the problem....big time! Some areas frequented by dogs and their irresponsible owners are referred to here as "minefields."

Not picking up on town and private property is not only unsightly, unhealthy, and disrespectful, but it is also illegal. The very people who are guilty are the first to complain when authorities consider restricting privileges for pet owners.

Restrictions and rules vary on open spaces in Harwich, but one rule is the same on all: where dogs are permitted, owners must pick up solid waste and dispose of it properly. There are bags and trash bins at some of these places. At many others, people must be prepared and carry their own bags and take them off the premises. The same applies to dog walkers who use our residential and commercial neighborhoods. It is a simple rule that makes a huge difference if everyone obeys it!

I beg you, please do not be one of the dog owners who ruins the privilege of walking and exercising one's dog/s on the beaches and conservation lands in Harwich. We have something special in this town and we want to maintain it for the enjoyment and safety of all.

Gerie Schumann

Harwich Port


Private Roads Are Open


Private roads, it turns out, are not really private. Masslawforum.com will bring you to the statute. Residents on private roads are, by law, required to maintain them. The road is open, by law, for vehicles and pedestrians.

Betsy Abreu



Be Safe But Not With Sound


Last year I read a letter regarding backup alarms on trucks and machinery and didn't think much of it, and may have laughed at it. But no so much now. I have to ask the same questions: Why must those alarms be so loud that you hear them from hundreds if not thousands of feet away?

If you're backing up in my driveway or working on my property doing some type of digging or grading, I don't need to hear a backup or motion alarm all the way inside my house. And mostly I don't want my neighbors bothered by that noise. I like my neighbors. If you're working in the Old Village should people at the lighthouse area know that you're backing up or simply moving your machine or trucks?

Muffle that alarm! Put a switch in, unplug it. If people can't see your machine or truck, should they have to hear a blaring beep, beep, beep?

Be safe, yes, but be considerate.

David F. Morris

North Chatham


Cape Cod Village Support Appreciated


Many thanks to the wonderful residents of Chatham for voting to provide $100,000 in CPC funds to support the building of Cape Cod village (CCV). When completed CCV will provide a long-term residential setting for adults with autism.

Autism doesn't have an age limit.  It doesn't go away with the onset of adulthood. But all of the services and support provided by school systems for youngsters up to the age of 22 do, leaving adults with few options. And one day parents will no longer be there to care for their adult children.

Recognizing the need on Cape Cod for safe and supportive housing and services for autistic adults, a group of concerned parents founded CCV, a non-profit organization, in 2011. We have since purchased 3.8 acres in the center of Orleans. This location supports our core value of of integrating those with disabilities into the larger community for a satisfying and productive life.

Besides two duplex homes for 15 residents, a community resource center will be built not only to enhance the lives of our residents, but to provide services and enrichment to those with intellectual and developmental disabilities in the greater community.

We're currently involved in a capital campaign to raise the funds needed to build our village. Chatham's commitment will  help us to reach our goal. With plans of an opening in 2018, I thank you for helping to create dignified and meaningful lives for adults with autism on Cape Cod.

Mary P. Miller

North Chatham

The writer is a board member of Cape Cod Village, the mother of a 47-year-old son with autism and author of "So Far So Great! Lessons Learned from an Autistic Son's Journey from Infancy to Middle Age."




<Headline>Thanks For The Flowers



I would like to publicly thank the women of the Harwich Garden Club for the spring bouquets that I delivered to Meals On Wheels recipients. The big smiles and happy expressions were such a joy as I made my rounds. Well done, ladies! Your efforts were greatly appreciated by all of us.

Bob Marshall





 Many Contribute to After Prom Event


The Monomoy Regional High School Junior Class parent volunteers hosted their annual After Prom Party at the Harwich Community Center on April 7. All junior class students and their guests were invited to enjoy a safe and substance free “all night party.” The parent committee wishes to extend many thanks to the local businesses and supporters of their After Prom “Hollywood Night” Party.

Special Thanks to Monomoy Regional High School administration, class advisor Mimi Vanderburg, class advisor Kerri Robinson, Kathy Currie, Jonathan Ambrose, the Harwich Community Center, The Cape Cod Chronicle, the After Prom Parent Committee, and the event chaperons.

After Prom cash supporters included Snow and Thompson, Ellen Ellis Cleaning, Stello Construction, McGrath Post and Beam, RPM Carpets and Flooring, Morris, O'Connor and Blute, Terry's TV and Appliance, Gardens by the Sea, The Family Pantry of Cape Cod, Yankee Ingenuity, A.M. Meinke and Son, Inc., Col. And Mrs. George Henry, Jr., Derbyfield Kennel, Inc., Ship's Light – Bill and Roz Coleman, Harwich Health Center, Snow's, Holy Redeemer Church, Robert B. Our, Inc., St. Christopher Church, Clark Engineering, LLC, Cape Associates, Inc., J.W. Dubois and Sons, Inc., Rotary Club of Chatham, Doane, Beal and Ames, W. Vernon Whiteley, BackOffice Associates, LLC, Harwich Police Association, Arthur F. Clough, Ann B. O'Connell, Atty. William Crowell, Shepley Wood Products, Chatham Ford, Inc., HECH, Inc., Allen Harbor Yacht Club, Paul Avellar and Paula St. Pierre, Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Bank, Harwich Cranberry Festival, Eldredge and Lumpkin Insurance, town of Harwich Recreation Department, Harwich Fire Association, Chatham Penny Candy Store, Milley Trucking, Coldwell Banking/Murray Real Estate, Pine Acres Realty, Brenda Schofield, Dave's Garage, Office of the District Attorney, Yarmouth Lodge 2270, Gibson Waterproofing, Chatham Elementary PTO, Harwich Elementary PTO, and Mondavi Dental.

After Prom food donations were provided by Bonatt's Bakery, Coca Cola of Cape Cod, Pepsi, Red's Pizza, Castaway's, Wingate Brewster, Candy Manor, Szechuan Delight, The Chatham Squire, the Mason Jar, Dunkin Donuts Harwich Port, New England Pizza, Carmine's Pizza, the Talkative Pig, Monomoy parents, CVS Harwich Port, the Hot Stove, the Cape Codder, Wild Goose Tavern, Brax Landing, and the Olive Garden.

After Prom prize donations were provided by the Harwich Mariners, the Potted Geranium, Yankee Ingenuity, Speakman Landscaping, Olympia Sports, Candy Manor, the Corner Store, Sundae School, Jeremy's Barber Shop, East Wind Silver Co., Poit's Mini-Golf, Moniz Home Improvement, Inc., the Boston Red Sox, Julie Santoni, Monomoy football, Doyle's, Ryan Family Amusement, Three Buoys, the Steamship Authority, Maryanne Wisniewski, the Hyannis Whale Watcher, Dolphin Fleet Whale Watch, Newbury Street South Salon and Spa, JoMama's New York Bagels, Fresh Start Skin Care, 400 East, the Orpheum Theatre, CVS Harwich Port, Pirate's Cove, Hy Line, Hangar B, California Nails, Heather's Hairport, Caroline's, Chatham Penny Candy Store, Cape Cod Embroidery, and the Bashful Tarte Bakery.

Monomoy Regional High School After Prom Parent Committee

Own Words Brought Him Down


It has been more than six months since Hillary Clinton lost the election she was destined to win, but she and her supporters have no idea why or how she lost to Donald Trump. It has only taken a few days for the Chatham voters to realize why and how Seth Taylor lost and it all is spelled out in his own words after his loss.
“I don't believe there's anybody on the board of selectmen who has the skill set to finish that out,” he said.
Taylor said he is proud of the long hours he devoted to the job, saying no selectman has ever worked as hard as he did.
His arrogance brought him down.

Gil Upson

Naples, Fla.

'One' Chatham A Deception


During one of the public forums, now-Selectman Davis stated that “we have an abundance of natural resources.” I beg to differ. There are under 300 buildable lots that remain in Chatham. As those diminish, properties will be subdivided such as the structure that is shoehorned in at the corner of Stepping Stones and Old Queen Anne roads.

As we continue the crusade to buildout, the powers to be may be eyeballing protected public lands which are our primary groundwater recharge areas. Can’t have it both ways.

It seems to be believed that young people will miraculously come to Chatham if we build high-density affordable housing. What are young people going to come to Chatham for? Main Street? The re-development plan for West Chatham? Maybe it’s to be good servants to the non-resident taxpayers who are unfairly treated.

Let me tell you about what’s unfair: The $10,000 a week air B&B investment properties profiteering off of Chatham with little supposed trickle-down benefit. Expecting the town of Chatham to indefinitely sustain the developer/realtor agenda; why would anyone want 60,000 people here in the summer? Follow the money and take a harder look at the burden on resources and infrastructure. On top of the incomes garnered that never transact here, what about the money that quickly “leaks off-Cape” as the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce acknowledges? What I find unfair is being told what is needed to make a living here by someone who has never needed to make their living here.

What’s beyond being unfair is the downright vulgar fantasyland publication Chatham Magazine!

And finally what is the long standing socio/economic injustice here is being held hostage by the same people running and profiteering off of this town and deliberately driving a wedge between the townspeople. But that’s what manipulators do – deceive, divide and conquer. And their latest conquest of deception is this “one” Chatham toting the party line.

Todd Kelley
West Chatham


Appreciates Chance To Serve


It has been both an honor and privilege to serve the town I love for the past three years. For many members of our community that service was valued for what it was intended to be: a simple desire to see that the values, traditions, resources, and culture of Chatham are preserved, protected, and promoted.

I respect differences of opinion and I respect the wish of the voters, which was clearly expressed at the polls. That’s democracy in action, and it is still the very best system of government I have seen anywhere in the world.

When a storm rolls through, the beach takes a different shape; dunes are erased and flats appear – new channels cut – and things are different for a while. Then the difference becomes the new normal, at least until the next storm.

I wish Shareen the very best of luck, and I thank all of Chatham for giving me the chance to serve.

Seth Taylor


Justice For The 'Codfather'


Carlos Rafael pleaded guilty to running a massive criminal enterprise that stole from honest fishermen and undermined the fisheries as a whole.  One of his quotes offers a revealing insight into his perspective:

“This is America; anything can happen, with money behind it.”

Let’s put his money to work fixing the fishery he badly damaged.

Carlos Rafael should be banned from commercial fishing forever. The fish quota he owns should be redistributed to all the fishermen he harmed. That’s what existing regulations mandate, that’s what many in the industry believe, and we agree.

But we can demand and expect more. Honest fishermen have not been playing on a level field with the likes of Carlos. We need to make sure they aren’t put in that position again.

To do that, we must invest some of his illegal gains in fishing’s future by improving dockside monitoring, expanding electronic monitoring and increasing fishermen-scientist collaborations to get better fish counts.

We can transform this moment into an opportunity to create the oversight and infrastructure necessary to make honest, long-term success possible for our iconic fishery. This can happen, and Carlos Rafael’s money should be behind it.

John Pappalardo, CEO

Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance