Chatham Candidates Campaign Fundraising Tops $19,000

By: Tim Wood

The service station at the corner of Stony Hill and Orleans Road hedged its bets with political signs. TIM WOOD PHOTO

CHATHAM – The two candidates for selectman raised nearly the same amount of money in the week's leading up to today's election, with Seth Taylor's total exceeding Shareen Davis' by less than $100.

Taylor spent more money Davis, however, by more than $2,500, according to campaign finance forms filed last week.



Davis campaign treasurer Deborah Connor reported receipts of $9,774 between Jan. 1 and May 1. Elizabeth Taylor, Taylor's campaign treasurer, reported receipts of $9,827 between Jan. 31 and May 2; the campaign also had $140 left over from Taylor's previous run for selectman.

According to the forms, Taylor's fundraising total includes a $3,998 that he loaned to the campaign. Davis' campaign reimbursed her $1,478 for the purchase of campaign signs and bumper stickers.

The forms filed with the town clerk last Wednesday cover the campaign through the eighth day before the election. Candidates are required to file subsequent campaign finance forms 30 days after the election and at the end of the year.

The names of supporters who contributed $50 or more must be listed on the forms. Davis reported 46 contributions over $50, some from duplicate donors. Taylor reported 40 donations of $50 or more, which includes nine donations by him.

Top contributors to Taylor's campaign, beside himself, were Janine and Kurt Kilty, $600; John Payson, two donations totaling $400; Stuart Smith, $300; David Farrell, Bob and Sarah Fishback and Richard Mack, $250 each; Don Devine, Gloria Freeman, Elaine Gibbs, Thomas Howes, Anne Timpson, Sam Weisman, James Woods and Mike Woods, $200 each; and Paul Beaty, David and Marcie Burns, Donald Clegg, Jean and Bob Eaves, Janet and Doublas Fields, Catherine and Robert Flavios, Cynthia and John Hutchison, Milton Moore, Suzanne Nickerson, John Our, Judy Patterson, Carolyn Scott, Christopher Smith, Scott Tappan, William Tuxbury, and Elizabeth and Jeffrey Wichmann, $100 each. Taylor also reported $574 in donations $50 and under.

Davis' top donors were J. Michael Schell, $1,000; Joseph and Helene Tischler and Deborah Walther and Bruce Beane, $500 each; David Oppenheim, two donations totaling $450; Gail Oppenheim, two donations totaling $450; Emily Dowal and Matt Dowal, two donations totaling $400; Terry Mae Marden, $300; Ella Leavitt, Tracy and Douglas Grattan, $250 each; Susan Herbert, Loring Mara, Amy McHugh, Shane Coughlin, and Elvira Hand, $200 each; Frances Joseph and Peter Polhemus, $175; Barbara Matteson, Courtney Polhemus, Brian Voelkel, Rebecca Voelkel, Jennifer and Eric Whiteley, and Melody and Bruce Wood, $150 each; and Linda Kidd, Steven Lyons, Mary Miller, Virginia Nickerson, Susan and Joel Rottner, Judy and Barry Thomas, Buck Upson, Naomi Turner and David Veach, Jessica and John Bartlett, Ronald Bergstrom, Sarah and James Bryce, Antonia and Michael Campbell, Evelyn Dalmolen, Rosemarie and Robert Denn, Mary Anne Dennison, Cheryl and Peter Grady, Robert Hardy, Lynn Van Dine and Gordon Weller, Sara Whiteley and Marie Williams, $100 each. Davis reported $374 in donations of $50 or less.

Taylor reported expenditures of $8,756, leaving a balance of $1,212 as of May 2. Davis' campaign spent $6,103 and had a balance of $3,670 as of May 1.


Download | SethTaylor-CampaignFinance-8DaysPrior.pdf (650kb)

Seth Taylor campaign finance form


Download | ShareenDavis-CampaignFinance-8DaysPrior.pdf (626kb)

Shareen Davis Campaign Finance Form