Kat's Pause: More Villagers Needed

By: Kat Szmit

Topics: School Sports , Sports

If you've been to a game at, or have driven past, the Monomoy Athletic Complex, you've seen the beginnings of what will eventually become the school's snack bar and restroom facility. When it's complete, it will provide a place for teams to earn much-needed money through food and memorabilia sales, and will offer fans a place to “go” in comfort. So let's get it finished.

Work initially began on the structure last year, largely thanks to the volunteerism of folks involved with the school's football program. Recently, one of the men spearheading the work, John Malone, was awarded the Joao Rodrigues Distinguished Service Award for his efforts in getting the stand built.

But the people involved in the project so far are just a handful of those who are part of the greater Monomoy community. They also have demanding jobs that require their time and attention, which means that while they'd love to keep working toward the completion of the concession stand, they have commitments they must adhere to.

That means it's time for other members of the community to step in and step up (and before you ask, yes, I've already offered my time). While certain work will require the expertise of licensed contractors, there are jobs that can be handled by those of us without said expertise. Surely someone knows how to swing a hammer, or carry supplies, or even put together lunch for those hard at work.

I know that in this increasingly busy world, finding time just to chill can be a challenge, but it helps to remember that this stand is for all of us. Not only will it allow us to use the restroom in a much nicer manner (read: no more porto-potties!), but the snack bar could easily become an awesome place to socialize during games, while teams raise important funds through the sales of food and merchandise.

If we can unify two communities into one school district, can't we join forces to finish a project that's long overdue? They say it takes a village, and in this case there are two. Let's do this.