Patriots' Malcolm Mitchell Scores Big With Chatham Elementary Students

By: Kat Szmit

Ashley Anderson hopes that magician John Duke Logan and New England Patriots wide receiver Malcolm Mitchell don't spill orange juice on her head during a magic trick.


CHATHAM Malcolm Mitchell might be best known as a key player in the New England Patriots' historic comeback win in this year's Super Bowl, but his proudest accomplishment is sharing a love of reading with school children. Last Friday, the champion wide receiver read from his own book to the excited students of Chatham Elementary School.

Brought to the venue through the efforts of the Art of Charity, the school's PTO, the Chatham Bars Inn, and the Chatham Fire and Police Departments, Mitchell shared with students how he developed a love of reading after struggling with it. He was eventually grabbed by the Harry Potter series, which instilled in him a passion for reading that inspired him to write a children's book.

Titled “The Magician's Hat” the book tells the story of a magician named David who became a magician after reading a book about magic at his local library. Mitchell presented each student at CES with a copy of the book, which he also read aloud during the all-school assembly.

Mitchell first told students about his difficulties with reading, which changed thanks to encouragement from his mother. Now Mitchell enjoys bringing his pro-reading message to today's youth.

“[I love] just seeing the excitement of kids,” he said. “Being in a room full of kids that are encouraged by reading.”

Prior to Mitchell reading his book, students enjoyed a performance by official Patriots magician John Duke Logan, who impressed kids with his prestidigitation, particularly turning orange juice into an orange.

But the prevailing theme of the event was that reading can really take you anywhere you want, including all the way to the Super Bowl. It's a message Mitchell hopes will stay with kids everywhere.

“If they're reading,” he said. “They can reach their full potential and reach whatever goal they set for themselves.”