Kat's Pause: Living the Dream

By: Kat Szmit

Topics: Sports

As Eric Adler lived his dream with the New England Patriots at Super Bowl 51, I was living mine here on Cape Cod covering local high school athletes doing what they do best. Read more on Eric Adler's adventures with the Pats next week. Photo Courtesy of Eric J. Adler/Twitter

As I write this, it's Tuesday somewhere around noon. On my laptop screen is the live stream of the New England Patriots celebratory duck boat parade. While it's cool to see the players enjoying their moment, I'm actually on the lookout for my predecessor, Eric Adler, who is traversing the route alongside Tom Brady himself. I couldn't be happier for both of us.

As many of this paper's faithful readers know, Eric ventured over the bridge almost two years ago to become the official Media Coordinator for the Pats, nothing short of a dream job. As Eric traveled to Foxboro, I was welcomed into the fold as the new sportswriter for The Chronicle, taking over his coverage of local high school sports, Cape League baseball, and whatever else came my way. Again, nothing short of a dream job.

I see your raised eyebrows and I respond with a grin. Yes, working for this weekly newspaper with its proud tradition of real local news, is my dream. That admission often surprises people, who wonder, sometimes out loud, whether I'm jealous of Eric and his life on the sidelines with one of the greatest football teams of all time.

The answer is, ultimately, no. Am I a little envious? Yes. But in truth, my job here on the Cape brings me immense joy. See, the world needs both myself and Eric. It needs Eric to be there for all of the incredible moments that bring Pats fans such delight, be it visiting children fighting serious illnesses, or winning the Super Bowl after one of the most incredible comebacks in history. It needs me to be there for all of the incredible moments that bring local athletes and their fans and families such delight, be it making the playoffs for the first time in years, or becoming the winningest football team in Monomoy history.

People have asked me in the course of my career whether I've considered moving on to a larger publication in a more urban environment. Sure I have. There are big newspapers out there that I'd love a chance to work for, but what gives me pause when I contemplate submitting my résumé is the possibility of losing the connections I have here.

Working for this local weekly has allowed me the pleasure of connecting with some of the coolest kids around, along with their families. I look forward to game coverage since I know it means not only the chance to catch the action, but also to chat with coaches, teachers, and fans. I'm not sure I'd find that with a national publication.

So, with a big smile on my face I watch this live stream, cheering at each glimpse of my esteemed predecessor living his dream as I live mine not so far away. Definitely a win-win situation all around.

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