School News, Feb. 9

By: Cape Cod Chronicle

Topics: Education

Chatham Elementary School fourth graders showed their Patriot's spirit last Friday.

Chatham Elementary School

In Spanish: Kindergarten and first grade students have been learning parts of the face with our friends at Monsters Inc. Second graders have been learning the days of the week with dialog and many songs. Third and fourth graders learned months in Spanish while doing the Macarena and fourth graders went a little further to say their birthdays in Spanish. Last week students took a quick trip to Mexico. Kindergarten to grade two students looked at cocoa pods, cocoa beans, watched a woman grind the beans and then mix it with sugar and cinnamon to create the Mexican paste used to make chocolate caliente. The chocolate paste is then put into hot water or milk and whisked with the molinillo. A molinillo is a wooden utensil found in many Mexican kitchens. Children passed the molinillo around the class and everyone got to try it out while singing Bate Bate Chocolate. The upper grades took a look at Mexican pyramids, the monarch migration, cliff divers, some Mariachi music, and some Mexican Hat dancing. It was a grand fiesta.

Monomoy Regional High School

The Shadow a Student Challenge is a nationwide initiative that runs from Feb. 2 to Feb. 17. During this time, administrators and other school personnel are encouraged to walk a day in the lives of one of their students (check out for more information). On Feb. 8, Mr. Martin shadowed 10th grader Robbie Sieger for the day, attending all of his classes, participating in all of his assignments, eating lunch with him, etc. The hope is to use this experience to reflect on the daily challenges, expectations and needs of our students. Will Mr. Martin be doing any homework?

Mock Trial Team Update: The Monomoy Regional High School mock trial team opened its participation in the 2017 Massachusetts Bar Association’s Mock Trial competition with trials against Sturgis East Charter School and Nauset Regional High School. Despite strong team efforts, Monomoy lost both trials in extremely close contests (two and three point margins respectively). Strong performances were turned in by the entire team who was assigned the task of presenting both sides in a first degree murder case involving a U.S. Marine allegedly suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. Participants on this year’s team include Benjamin Dube, Graham Smith, Francesca Barr, Grace Boyle, Shauna Speakman, Holly Evans, Kaitlyn Germann, Lauren Walsh, Katie Dever, Isabelle O’Donnell, Peter Casey, Alison Barrett, Lauren Morris and Kylie Francis and the team advisor is Mr. Kevin Bates.

MRHS was well represented at the state "We the People" speech competition on Saturday, Jan. 28. Twenty-eight Monomoy government students traveled to the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the Senate in Boston to participate in the state "We the People" speech competition. Congratulations to all the students on their hard work, and good performance, and especially to Caty Street, Maddie Welchman, Emma Starkweather, Dalia Pen, and Nick Delande for earning a unit award for best scores on their topics, privacy and free speech in the 21st century. To prepare for the competition, students study the Constitution, civics, history, and current events and prepare essay responses in teams that are read before a panel of judges. Students then defend their ideas when judges ask a series of followup questions. Thanks to the whole team for a great competition, to Sharon Gleason for helping to chaperon the trips, and a shout out to team advisor Mr. Hoffman-Terry.