Letters to the Editor, Jan. 26

ARL To The Rescue


Our thanks to the Animal Rescue League of Boston in Brewster for answering our call to help a young speckle-feathered seagull who sat for hours in a pouring rain across from our home. The bird appeared healthy and alert with a wondering look of "who will save me from becoming a coyote's midnight treat?" The competent technician noted a damaged leg and drove our feathered friend to Wild Care in Eastham for rehabilitation. Thank you to both animal rescue organizations.

Joan and Jeanpaul Aucoin



Fellowships Yield Impressive Results


The Westgate Teacher Fellowship Fund would like to congratulate the three 2016 grant recipients for their wonderful presentations on Jan. 11 at Monomoy Regional Middle School. It is so rewarding to see that  relatively small grants can engender such enthusiasm both from the teachers themselves and within their classrooms. Jennifer Walter's trip to Peru and her marathon run to Machu Picchu, along with all of the handicrafts she brought back to her classroom, are giving her students a new and exciting slant for studying Spanish language, Peruvian and Quechua cultures. Rich Houston's third history trek through Virginia including revolutionary and civil war sites adds first-hand zest to his rigorous classes. Mary Hemeon's research on problem-solving in her AP calculus class provides this long-standing math teacher an innovative approach that is showing great results. 

Their presentations are available online at sites.google.com/a/monomoy.edu/westgate/recipients. Readers including potential donors interested in more info can check the Westgate Foundation website online or contact the undersigned co-chairs at pam.arv@verizon.net or vickgate@aol.com.

We are so proud to have these recipients as dedicated life-long learners and teachers in the Monomoy system. Deadline for 2017 fellowship applications is Friday Feb. 24.

Pam Groswald, Harwich 

Michael Westgate, Chatham