It's Not Too Late For 'Helping Neighbors' In 2016

Thanks to your generosity and a last-minute surge in donations, the Chronicle's Helping Neighbors campaign has raised more than $39,755 for the Family Pantry of Cape Cod this year. We're proud and thankful for our readers who have contributed to the campaign, which helps the Pantry put food on the table for Cape Codders in need.

But we won't gloss over the fact that, having set a $60,000 goal for this year's effort, we're still around $20,000 short. We're not giving up.

We're extending this year's Helping Neighbors campaign through New Year's Eve in a bid to inspire some eleventh-hour generosity. Thanks to a generous Chatham family, your contributions postmarked between Dec. 23 and New Year's Eve will be matched, up to $10,000. It could be just the George Bailey ending that the campaign needs.

As our coverage has shown in recent weeks, the Family Pantry is a particularly solid choice for your philanthropy. They're well managed and fiscally forward-thinking, providing an expanding range of services to a growing number of clients. Their warehouse operation is impressive, their volunteers are happy and enthusiastic, and their clients are appreciative.

Whether you live here year-round or you're reading The Chronicle from some warmer clime, your contribution to Helping Neighbors – large or small – will make a big difference for local families. Join us in pitching in. Thank you!